Can therapy be used in place of meds

I have read a lot about early intervention for schizophrenia. On one hand, schizophrenia disorder has degenerative impact to the brain. Some early prevention group allows the patient to go off meds (b/c of the side effects) and supplement with behavior therapy. Without the meds, will the degenerative impact to the brain continues? And subsequently, the patient has to deal with more serious disorder.

Without the meds, will the degenerative impact to the brain continues? And subsequently, the patient has to deal with more serious disorder.

That’s correct.

Due to my brother’s therapy, he was able to deal with psychological issues caused by or made worse by the sz. As a result, he was able to lower his meds, but it didn’t cure his sz, so he wasn’t able to completely go off meds.

Therapy helps teach coping skills, but only meds can heal the brain’s faulty wiring.


Do you mean that? I’ve never run across anyone who thinks meds can heal the brain’s faulty wiring. Meds only cover symptoms. And when you just drop meds, the symptoms get worse, and it takes a higher amount of meds to try and bring them back under control.

as far as i know, we all have receptors in our brain that attach to inhibitors to form connections and the meds are suppose to block these connections in the brain thus preventing symptoms, the connections between receptors and inhibitors could be called faulty wiring if they cause symptoms of schizophrenia, i think, but please could someone correct me if i a wrong.

You are at least correct from a basic perspective, but considering connections between receptors and inhibitors can be affected by so many things, I wouldn’t call it faulty wiring. More like the mice got into the electrical box and started chewing on the wires. :slight_smile:

Wow that was pedantic of you. Gold star for useless distinctions :star2:

i think the meds are the inhibitors that redirect the dopamine in the receptors but i could be wrong

Sorry. Sometimes I go overboard on perception.

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In my experience, no. I used to be a firm believer that this was possible and was all for trying to analyze my way through my issues. However something I learned in my journey was that although therapy and the coping mechanisms you may gain from it or come up with yourself can help you combat and manage your symptoms, they will not take the symptoms away. Before meds I was suffering almost constantly. You’re at war with your mind and emotions 24/7. Therapy is a good weapon to fight with, but wouldn’t you rather not have to be at war?

Medication takes symptoms away so you can be at peace. However therapy is still really useful if you ever have relapses and to monitor your progress. It’s also been scientifically proven that the function and life quality of schizophrenics (and any mentally ill) who participate in both therapy and pharmacotherapy are better than those who only do one or the other.

Don’t think meds and therapy should be mutually exclusive. Both can help.

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For me therapy is a very important cherry on top.

Frankly my coping mechanisms are useless when I am very symptomatic. When I believe that demons have invaded my mind and are harassing me, sniffing my lavender oil isn’t going to help. I probably won’t even be able to think of it.

But when major issues are absent and I’m just trying to deal with anxiety and frustration, as well as understanding myself better, a good therapist can be very helpful. A good therapist can also help advocate for you to a pdoc who might not really ever get to know you that much in once a month 15 minute appointments.

For Schizophrenia/SZA therapy without meds doesnt really work.

Medications become more important in psychotic disorders