Why there is not medication for negative symptoms?

There are effective medications for positive symptoms.
why there is not medication for negative symptoms???
why both are called Schizophrenia then?
there is a big difference.

Anything than worsens positive symptoms actually helps in reducing negative symptoms.

Anti psychotics used for reducing positive symptoms actually reduces dopamine. So for negative symptoms things which boosts dopamine find useful. Safest ones which can be tried include L-Tyrosine, N Acetyle L tyrosine etc.

TMG or Trimethylglycine is very useful for negative symptoms.

Omega 3 useful for negative symptoms.

In short look for supplements which boosts dopamine, improve cognition etc.

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My meds help my negative symptoms some. My negatives are worst when I’m also having positive symptoms.

edit: I’m on seroquel, Zoloft, and lithium

Edit 2: and cogentin

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They are in development. Xanomeline (KarXT) is one of them. Its been shown to help positive, negative and cognitive symptoms.

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In short it’s due to the fact they are categorized3 as heavy tranquillizers, try discreetly spacing out the dosage to lessern the negative effects of triedness and lack of motivation.

Hope this helps.

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for negative symptoms is Cariprazine.

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