Meds for negative symptoms?

Anyone have meds for negative symptoms that actually work? (Aside from stimulants)


Sarcosine works for some people. Read the pinned thread.
N-acetilcisteine too. (NAC)

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Do negative symptoms make you all depressed? Or do you feel nothing by it? I feel nothing by it so I wonder if I actually have them?

Good luck with that fools quest. There’s always someone trying to find a magic pill for negative symptoms. They generally fail miserably because no one has the cure for them yet. Just ask @Aziz . He’s been on that quest for a long time. At best you might be lucky if Sarcosine gives you a mild boost. And that’s likely to be the best you will find. I quit taking Sarcosine because it didn’t seem like it was making much of a difference.


Only stimulants worked for my negative symptoms, I took LDopa. Though after a week it made me irritable and I got positive symptoms when I overdosed on it. I still take supplements some are for cholesterol burning fat etc too, I think they give me a placebo/psychological boost lol

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It exists for me, its called dopamine, but it makes positive symptoms worse.


I heard that amitriptyline helps with negative symptoms.

When I was in risperidone, lexapro gave me most motivation, on that med combo i actually graduated from uni, went to work full time and got buffed at a gym

Multi-vitamins are important potentially. They do have a benefit. B-vitamins, nootropics, they are worth digging into if you are looking to reverse the negative effects. Im taking one that will help with cell damage, free radicals, and neurotoxicity. I really really need to stop smoking. I have a pulminary embolism or blood clot in my lungs so I dont know that I may need to run by the list of vitamins with my healthcare practitioner, Im starting eliquis for the blood clot/its a blood thinner. Im really scared that if I have a blood clot in my lungs, its causing increased white blood cells, potential cancer, and lung/heart damage. I think thats part of why I keep freaking out, its why I feel like I am going to pass out when i sleep. The sleep apnea, I need a cpap. Anyways, oxygen and blood flow is essential, not smoking, and a healthy exercise routine and diet will prevent worsening of negative health effects at least of schizophrenia on the mind/body/nutrition system.

Just looked it up and I shouldnt be taking CoQ10 because it makes blood thinners less effective. It did help me feel better though, could be placebo effect.

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