Why my recovery takes years? Because of the negative symptoms?

Is it strange for you that I live in isolation since years? Is it true that the ones with positive symptoms get better faster?
I guess when you have negatives, its like beating a depression or an addiction. it takes time, lots of time…
Or do the others are just less ill because they recover faster?
I just think about those things now :frowning: .
My evenings are full with worries, that’s all. In the day, I am better than the animal state in which I am without meds.

It’s not strange to live your life in isolation, I’ve managed to isolate myself for my 52 years, trust me, it never gets better unless you stop it yourself,which possible if you just get yourself out.

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I pay efforts csummers but I think my illness is mean… I isolated myself precisely cause I wasn’t feeling fine in the company of others you see? I got several deceptions but this was my illness talking. If my head doesn’t get better it will be tough. I dont get better being outside for the moment, that’s all. sometimes its just a deception but of course that ill continue trying. I have no choice. but for some, meds are really a bigger help. when youhave negatives, its like a deep deep depression, I am not sure that others can save me anymore, no…

in fact I want to talk mainly about my illness to others now and its not very smart… everybody will know that I am sz, not nice… but I still compliment myself after seeing the people outise, this trick works for me… But yes, it gone quite far my isolation, I was afraid even from talking to the phone, I still have it wow…

You’re wrong.
I’m living proof it don’t get better inside your head first, then your fine.
It’s not going to ever feel fine in the beginning. It just don’t.
Your going to have to climb that hill in distress, but once at the top, then it gets easier to handle.

Like loosing weight, I don’t feel like exercising because I’m overweight. I don’t like to get all sweaty. I’m too fat to go for a walk, or a bike ride.
Yeah, well, the fat isn’t going to fall off the floor in the morning one day.
Ya got to work it if you want it.

I’m afraid I’ve wasted my entire life hiding in the shadows of my brothers, my husbands, and my family. I feel like I just will never get where I want to be, no matter what. If I die today, I would have a ton of regrets for not just doing what I want instead of allowing others to tell me what I have to do.
Death would be welcome instead of living like this.
It’s too much work for me to try.
Hope it goes better for you.

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I even wasn’t capable of doing baby steps before. sometimes I need to hear that ill be fine. I know that I should move forward, I was in a state for years where I could only complain. It was hell for me and the others. Now I stopped this. Isnt this a progress? ok, I know that for you I dont do anything still but I do… even if its at my house. before yesterday I was even out to see a mom’s friend. I think I have my chances. but the depression in this illness is a killer. I find it hard tbh. Have you ever heard of negative hallucinations? Its for example when you cant feel the smell of the food, I have bunch of things like this. and its hell to be like this. I have in head that I should pay efforts, dont worry.
But would you tell to a depressive person to move on? ok, I stop here but I was just looking for support. I was asking if there were people who knew the isolation for years that’s all.

Hi @Anna1 .
I live in isolation.
I have my parents that’s true, but apart from this I am isolated.
I do go out to exercise daily and see people there but when it happens, I concentrate on the task at hand.
I meet haredi people twice a week to study Torah, that’s my only socialization.

dont you have boyfriends erez? Me I had in the past some sex buddies but I was too bad for a serious relationship. I stopped seeing people till I am more stable :slight_smile: .
I have some ill friends in irl but they have mostly positive symptoms and they look at me with horror when they see that I spent the last 15 years between 4 walls.
Erez, I find that Zyprexa helps even with negatives a bit so continue taking it. since how long you are in isolation? yeap, I lost some habits to be around others…

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@Anna1 I am in isolation since I completed my military service in January 2015.
I want to find friends.
I guess I’ll have to approach people and tell them I want to be their friend.
I will probably do it sooner or later.
I had friends and lost them several times.

yes, youll do it sooner or later, I believe it :slight_smile: Meds are working. for me they are working slowly but they are working. No way that they wont work for you…
you were isolated less than me, I was in the hell for those 15 years. Imagine how much depression I knew cause I was alone for all this time.
idk if its still the schock of my diagnosis which made me sad to this point. Maybe…
youll have better friends in the future dont worry. Me, I hide even from the new ones now lol. I am miles away from their lives, theres no connection with them from my part too I guess. But it will come. we have friends here already :slight_smile: .