Does my 15 years of isolation harmed me? is there hope of stabilisation?

yeap, I spent too much time with this illness. maybe its the reason why I dont get better. its slightly better in the day but the evenings are really terrible still.
I dont want talk therapies. I still think I need to move literally but how when I am still paranoid? my paranoia smashes my brain, I dont have deep thoughts because of this…
somebody here who got better after so much time spent in the illness? I know already what is the right way. there was time, I didn’t knew what is good or bad for me. now, I know it at least. but its hard… I am ill since child even… gosh…

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Wait Anna there are a lot better med coming…!!!

I am tired of trying their dope… even my pdoc doesn’t want to switch cause I cant recover on them on 100%… I am worried for my future, I look really unhealthy already. I dont go out, I miss it!!!

I think there can be turning points in our illness were we decide to fight harder and get a new perspective. You may be there now. Mine was , I was unemployed living on my savings, holding my baby son he was crying uncontrollable I was just stairing at the wall chasing delusions in my mind. My wife went storming into the bedroom I followed her in after a bit ,she was on the bed looking at pictures of me in an album before sz. She had tears rolling off her cheeks. This was the first time I was even able to see I was sick. I was so touched I could feel something happening in my head, like pressure of some kind. This was the first rational feeling I had experienced in months. That was a turning point for me and it had nothing to do with a med change. What I couldn’t do for myself I began to do for my wife. It was the beginning of healing for me. You don’t know who could be in your future worth fighting for. But you have a desire for more in your life. Make the best of those few good hours of the day, that’s how healing begins. I really feel for you and know we all have different symptoms to deal with. But that was my turning point.

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thanks for the message @5713. but my fear is too big so I cant feel something for the people around me… I am stuck with this social phobia or paranoia or whatever it is…I fight for my mom, for myself too… but I went sick really early, as child. I spent years with a dying brain… I have the pressure in my head every evening and the meds make it worse I find for some hours… yeah, I know that the future can be bright, I struggle just to see what is to be healthy again but I start to give up trying to be a soldier in this battle.i am fed up by the optimism, I am fed up of trying to go out etc etc…

That’s really a rough situation and I have much more fortunate with my recovery. I’m glad you have your Mom there for you and that you at least it sounds like have some good hours each day. I wish I had more incouraging words for you. You will be in my prayers tonight.

I have isolated for as far back as I can remember, I doubt will change now, been to much trauma in my head to break through, the rare time I go out for social reasons, I just want to leave and go home, where in reality I don’t want to be.

somebody here who got better after so much time spent in the illness?

We’re at the mercy of our meds to a certain degree. As @far_cry0 said, there’s new meds on the horizon that might treat negative symptoms. Hang in there @Anna1

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i was isolated for about 15 years
im doing just fine now when i have meds that fits my brain
negatives and cognitives are still troubling me though but that doesnt stop me from feeling grateful

When??? Far cry

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I would say I got better, but not completely well. It’s been almost a year since I drank, but alcohol is still a danger to me. I do feel like I have more serenity than I’ve had in the past. But, as for the isolation, that has always been my enemy. The times in my life when I got the weirdest were when I had been isolated for long periods.

How’s it being off Wellbutrin crimby?

I had brief bouts of fairly intense depression, but I had some left over wellbutrin pills, and I was able to wean myself off wellbutrin gradually. Now I am completely off them, and I feel fine. I would recommend that anyone who wants to come off wellbutrin to come off it gradually. Some of those pangs of depression were pretty strong.

I started 100mg sr to get out of bed in the morning.

haha Dr Green thumb believe in higher power …that’s what I do now…otherwise i am just a piece of litter every one kicks me man…!!!

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