Schizophrenia, Voices and Hallucinations

To start off with a question, does anybody else with schizophrenia experience hearing voices but not “actually” hearing them? For example, you feel like you’re having thoughts that aren’t yours, like inaudible voices? Does anyone else experience this?

Yeah I have had hallucinations. I had a voice I called “Psychic Sarah” and she had an Australian accent. The voice changed one day then I knew it was really false, I never truly believed I was hearing a real person. Be careful with those hallucinations because they can trick and have tricked many people with SZ. Some people hear ‘God’ which in my opinion is just another voice.

I know of a couple of ‘God’ talkers with SZ and they still have SZ so the so called ‘God’ they talk to is another voice.

I know a man who gets ‘transmissions’ from a so called ‘probe he had fitted under his minds eye when he was 2’. The transmissions he gets are just another voice as well. He doesn’t have a probe by the way.

I know a woman who talks to an old friend she found who hung himself. The voice is visual as well as audio hallucinations and only she sees him. The hallucination keeps on gesturing to her ‘come here’ using an index finger by the hallucination.

Keep strong and keep your wits. Just say ‘ignored’ or ‘cancelled’ when a voice starts to talk.


When I’m unwell I kind of get this internal voice, more like my own line of thought telling me whats happening. Hard to explain but I don’t hear voices. My main symptom is delusions, don’t hear voices talking to me.

Yeah when not hearing voices I have strange thoughts