Why is my tattoo always dry

is this normal at winter season, my tattoo is always dry i put lotion and it goes dry again, what do i do is this normal

What kind of lotion are you using?
High-fat ones are good for tattoos


You have to moisturize a LOT especially in winter.

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coconut lotion 24 hours, idk its weird i put alot but still drys out. what im doing wrong is this part of the healing process im so confuse. lol :neutral_face:

do have to drink alot liquids, im i dehydrated

Dehydration wouldn’t show up in your skin until very late stages. If your lips are chapped, you might be dehydrated. But dry skin usually just means dry air and you need to moisturize extra. You can ask your artist if it looks normal or needs to be seen.

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Lubriderm unscented is what my artist recommends


okay i put extra lotion on. i drink more water.

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Yeah lubriderm unscented is really good lotion.

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I used a brand called " tattoo goo" . :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face:

Just shower as normal and then bung liberal amounts of Petrolium Jelly on it.

Sorry but i think these fancy tattoo ointments are a bit of a marketing con.

Ive got 8 and had no problems. Just dont pick the scabs and let em drop off, or you will take the ink out.

Yes I use Lubriderm unscented.
I wouldn’t use coconut oil @oe1489


i bought this stuff yesterday
Malibu Tan Hemp Tattoo Enhancing Body Mosisturizer, 12 fl oz - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

I wouldn’t use hemp on my tattoos either.
Why don’t you buy regular unscented lotion like Lubriderm?

Or better yet, stop futzing with it. It’ll heal naturally and flake off. Just don’t go actively scraping the flakes off - let them fall on their own.

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