Tattoo became really dry used wrong moisturizer

used wrong moisturizer, went back to regular lotion, looks better but still little dry how do fix this problem.

Don’t fuss with your new tattoo too much.
Allow some time for it to heal.

I would listen to your tattoo artist.

You should be using lotion only.

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okay, i hope i didnt screw up the healing process. im worried.

Don’t worry. I have like 12 or so (I don’t know off the top of my head), and I didn’t even put lotion on any of mine. Once the dressing from the shop came off I did nothing with them. Showered as usual and everything. After a few days, they start to flake, and then it’s pretty much healed. And mine look crisp 21 years later.

the dry skin was a dead layer of skin, when i was most of it came off when i took a shower, it looks better now, im going to keep moisturizing it so it doesnt get dry.

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