Still dead skin on my tattoo

its 4 weeks now, is still peeling of dead skin and gets dry fast, i been putting lotions, how do get rid of all of this dead skin, and keep it moisturize, its getting annoying. will it come off naturally, because when i put lotion i think its not pentratrating to the lower layers, because the dead skin.

Ask the tattoo artist.
Seems normal to me.
Don’t fuss with it.
Use regular unscented lotion.


yea i did, he said its not the tattoo its my skin, it might be puttin too much lotion, just put after a shower and before going to bed.


Yes don’t over do it.


Are you maybe allergic to the lotion?

Got any pics? 1515

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yea you can see the dead skin fall off, it wasnt has bad as before, alot came off in shower, i mosturize it now.

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I find that I have to wait a long time after a tattoo before I put it in direct contact with water. Sometimes it’ll be six weeks before I can put it under a shower, or else it dries out and the skin peels horribly. Maybe try avoiding putting the tattoo underwater, via wrapping it for a shower, and see if that helps it from getting too dry. You still want to wash it, but I use a cloth, soap, quick rinse, and pat it dry after. Some people can wash a tattoo off in a shower a week after getting it, but that is not me.

Also try a different lotion if you find yours isn’t keeping it moist enough.

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