Why is karxt getting so much more hype then Ulotaront?

From what I’ve read Ulotaront seems like the better med. for me at least. Marketing?


Isn’t karXT closer to release than ulotaront?


I’m not sure. Google says Karxt should be available in the 3rd quarter of 2025 and Ulotaront just finished up its long term safety study in November 2022 so I would think that would make them neck and neck.


I am under the impression that ulotaront is a stand alone drug, whereas karxt is a combination of two. (one to ameliorate the negative affects of the other), which is why I would also prefer ulotaront.

It won’t be available in the uk until about 2030 by the time it gets NICE approval, so ages anyway.


KarxT is for negative symptoms?

There’s evidence that it improves cognition, and in terms of other antipsychotics it would be near the top of the heap for negs.

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KarXT company Karuna says application mid 2023, approval April 2024 possible.
Sunovion has many long trials running and says hoping for approval of ulotaront April 2024-March 31 2025 fiscal year. They are not predicting application timeframe for ulotaront. Ulotaront also reported to affect REM sleep cycle.