Any news on Ulotaront or Kartx?

I was wondering if someone know if there’s any news on these two meds.

More trial results should be published in 8-12 months, if the trials end when estimated.

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What is the closest drug to be in the market?
Karxt or uloturant? @robertc

Both comes out during the same year supposedly

The company for KarXT estimated an application mid 2023, if so approval might be earlier in 2024.They have a trial estimated to complete this month, but the trial is still recruiting new patients now, which might be a possible delay.
The company for ulotaront is guessing approval within a corporate fiscal year that is not a calendar year. So they have a wide window that includes part of 2024 in their estimate. Their fiscal year is April 2024 to March 31, 2025. They do have breakthrough designation that might speed FDA review.
The whole process sometimes takes longer than what companies estimate.

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Don’t forget guys there is also RL-007, Roluperidone, Zuranalone (for major depression) and Brilaroxazine in the works as well. Although Brilaroxazine is structurally more similar to Vraylar.

How about caplyta?

@Johnnrocato56 .

Yeah someone told me roluperidone helped with negatives, same person said he took rl007 and it helped too, didnt change him back to normal though. Honestly i think the negative symptoms are from the medications, at least thats how it is for me.