Why is it that unwashed people don't smell their own stink

When I go two days I can smell me I think.


They get acclimated to it.

I dated this guy for a while that really smelled bad.

He was a crazy good drummer and super sexy,

But also super stinky.

Dated him longer than I’d like to admit on account of being so hot.

To answer the question though, they just don’t smell it.


When my brother was young he would go forever without showers. When he walked by he would wilt flowers.


Nice rhyming leafy!


I happen to like my stink, it wards off predators. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This thread applies to me today. It has been 7 days since I have last bathed. And I don’t smell myself. I plan on bathing or showering today before my volunteer meeting.


Yes I think us stinky people get used to it.

I was at group therapy and the peer tutor was holding open the door.

As I walked through the door I noticed that they took a sniff :confused:

Then I realised that I’ve worn the same t shirt too long to be wearing it at therapy. Where other people are in my presence


I had a women that came round that stinks of BO. Actually told her to use my bath the last time. She could not smell it either. It used to linger a couple of hours after she had gone.

Theres no need for it when you can buy deoderant for 99p.

She was a hoare anyway that flogged her body to support her crack habit.

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I do the same thing. For instance I’m wearing the exact same outfit that I’ve been wearing all week since I last bathed. I don’t hear people sniffing around me because I am very hard of hearing.


I could smell it. I just sometimes dont care

These days I care a bit more so its good but Im not very good at taking care of myself in general so the bar is low


Yea… It just takes the laundry burden off me aswell, and the price of laundry energy.

I really don’t mind too much.

Of course I change my underwear though… That would be a bit much for me personally lol.


I wear the same outfit 2 days in a row then take a bath and put fresh clothes on. But I happen to get body odor if I don’t take a bath every two days in the summer time. I can go three or four days in winter. I don’t use deodorant unless I’m going to be exercising.


You probably would have made very healthy babies. I’m sure you liked the pheromones.


I didn’t.

He was just really hot.

Super, super hot.

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One guy once told me that he likes the sweaty smell of my armpits.

Lol. I really don’t know if he was being serious.

We were seeing each other BTW.

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I think a bath or shower needs to be at least every other day. It’s not fair to expect people to have to smell your body odor. I’m not judgmental of people who can’t do it, but I still think it’s part of being considerate of others.

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Yea us hot guys attract women like magnets.:nerd_face:

I thought you weren’t into women.

I get told my bo smells nice, but even I know when I stink. Caring is another matter. Depends on context.

Yea I was told that by someone I was seeing once. I think that’s pretty cute if they really meant it.

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