I smell apparently

My husband told me I had BO, I haven’t washed since Wednesday - how do you motivate yourself to stay clean?

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Remember how nice your body feels on a clean sheet when you get into bed after a shower.

And remember your sheet needs to stay clean… :slight_smile:


I went through a phase of not wanting to bath
But now I feel better after a bath
Get yourself some nice soap and bubble bath

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I tell myself a shower doesn’t really take that long, I try to make it a nice experience, and I try to remember how bad I feel when people have reacted to my BO.

I bathe about twice a week. (Used to be weekly). Nobody ever tells me I have BO. I use an excellent antiperspirant. (Secret).

I shower every day in the morning. I like to feel myself clean and beautiful. For me it’s really important.


I bathe every other day

My fiancée and mother keep me on track, I shower every day or every other day. Without them I would maybe shower once a week or less. I don’t do well taking care of myself, something I try to work on

I have issues with not showering enough.
Going to push myself to get in that tub today!

I hate showering. I find it a hassle. If it werent for other peoples judgement, i would probably shower once a week or so. I shower because i want to avoid people commenting or - worse - secrety thinking badly of me. That is my sole motivation. Nothing really helps to make me gain more intrinsic motivation, i cant see the fun of it and i think modern day people are weirdly and unhealthily obsessed by cleanliness.

I remind myself how good the hot water is going to feel. I just stand there in the shower stream for a minute or two enjoying the hot water. That works for me at least.


I used to shower daily. Now I have trouble showering more than twice a week. I do like feeling refreshed and clean after a shower. I’d suggest maybe you try to make an effort to shower at least twice a week, you’ll feel better.

My wife tells me when to shower which is about 2x /week. It it was up to me it would be 1x.

I have a friend who has B.O. Her clothes also smell because she doesn’t wash them enough. She’s trying to find a man and they keep using her for sex and leaving. My husband and I think it’s the b.o. Just remember after about 2 days you really start to smell and it offends others. Your spouse can be used to your smell and not complain right away but others don’t want to have to smell it.

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Well, I shower once a week on Saturday or Sunday. I’m too paranoid the maintenance man, landlord, or someone else is going to knock on my door, or let themselves in when I’m in the shower. I sleep with my clothes on for the same reason. I change my clothes once a week when I shower. A new reason not to remove my clothes is with the arthritis in my knee, I can’t put my pants on standing up. I have to sit down. This is something new that just started last week.

I’ve been showering once or twice a week lately. For a while I was showering every day. It does make you feel better, and it feels good to shower. Think about the water at a perfect temperature cascading over your body. Think how nice you smell. I’ll shower either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Get yourself some nice smelling baby wipes and do a little wipe up of your pits and privates everyday. Then take a shower twice a week. You can use a little baby powder to keep you dry and smelling good anywhere you sweat, you can do it whenever to stay fresh and dry. I like the lavender one.

I bathe every night before bed usually. That way I don’t get my sheets dirty. I sometimes am too tired to do it but I don’t want to smell at work so I motivate myself to try and do it.

I wish my shower worked better though. Almost no water comes out of it. I have to take a bath and I hate waiting for the water to fill up. Not a patient man

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I shower 3 days a week. In summer I shower 5 days a week

I shower every day, sometimes twice a day. It’s important to show others that you care enough to be clean for them.