Why is it that my psychiatrists all say that I am schizoaffective, and all of my therapists and nurses say that I am bipolar? Why the difference in opinion?

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Are they like part of a treatment team who communicate with one another? Or are they all separate and not in touch with each other?

Some of these people are the Drs., nurses and therapists of my historical past, and some are the Drs. and nurses who make up my current treatment team.

Some of the professionals of my past were in touch with one another, and some were not.
My treatment team today is in touch with one another.

I know that looking at my own past that each doc or therapist I visited pretty much had their own opinions on what exactly it was that I was going through. It’s not an exact science diagnosing mental illness so there will be some differing opinions especially if you’ve tried going to many docs and therapists.

Thank you. That’s the key. It’s not an exact science. Everyone is going to have differing opinions. The more people you see, the more opinions you will have.

In general, I put more weight on a psychiatrist’s diagnosis (I’m a psych nurse). They are specialists in this area, and diagnosing mental illness is what they do for a living.

Therapists and nurses do not have the same education and experience in mental illness that a psychiatrist has.

My therapists have diagnosed me incorrectly several times (depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar, paranoid personality disorder). But my psychiatrists have always been consistent in diagnosing me as paranoid schizophrenic.

In the end, however, as long as your symptoms are being treated effectively, that’s all that matters.