Schizoaffective bipolar type

The doctors have all told me different things, this one says schizoaffective, the last one said mood disorder. But this one agrees, its possibly only a mood disorder but doesn’t want to change the official dx yet. He’s a locum psychiatrist and I suspect the next time I see a doctor, they’ll be a different doctor with a different opinion. At this point, I have learned that diagnosis’ are a very subjective thing.



So does this latest dx have any baring on your holiday? I hope you can still go!


Mood disorder is a very broad term.
It’s not really an accurate diagnosis.

Yes, different doctors, different diagnoses.

That’s why it’s best if you are able to see the same doctor on a regular basis.

I’ve been seeing my current psychiatrist for just over 10 years.

She is pretty certain of my bipolar diagnosis.


The psychiatrists in this team keep leaving… I really wish seeing the same pdoc was an option for me.

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It makes it worse the insrance is around £1500 to £2400 or so depending on the level of insurance I opt for . i am not going without it so it means I am not going.

Same. I think that’s just mental health care in the UK in a nutshell. They all leave or go on sick.

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Oh :pensive: really sorry you can’t go. I was rooting for you. Will you be able to get your money back from booking the holiday?

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Well, we booked it and then COVID happened so we got vouchers from BA to use on another trip… we can go anywhere we want and Europe insurance is a lot cheaper.

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I have had several different diagnosis. Basically if you have a mood disorder like bipolar (with psychosis) or schizoaffective the treatment protocol is very similar.


Im in the same boat…still… I will be starting with a new pdoc on friday. Hopefully it will refresh things a bit. I am told I have schizophrenia by my last pdoc, my nurse thinks I have bipolar, my therapist said bipolar, but I have bouts with delusional thinking…and memory issues…and I hear voices if I am not medicated.

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I think its harder to diagnose sza vs sz. I saw several pdocs and all said I have sz.

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