Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

I just signed up for tinder. I got five matches but I know women get wayyy more swipes right than men do. Some people don’t reply. I uploaded some recent pics and a couple old ones where I was slimmer with nice cheekbones and a nice jawline. I am in the process of slimming down again as I have started weight training around my shoulder problem.

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Don’t use old picture bcz they might change their mind when they see you now. You’ll feel bad.


in my eyes, getting a girlfriend shouldnt be something like a chore or a mission, its fine to be single. idk if youd want to enter a relationship with someone just because you want a girlfriend but rather because you like the person and have a connection. seems like most people on tinder are just looking for a hookup imo but im not sure. maybe i think differently idk


Lol I don’t plan on seeing anyone until I’ve lost weight, which will be in a couple of months.

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They do, I had a friend who met a different girl every week on Tinder just to make out. I told him why you don’t get a real gf, he said Tinder girls also only look for a single time sex. He deleted and blocked the girls after he had sex with them. I left him because he was a bad influence on me. He might even catch sexual diseases by having sex with a different girl every week.


Lol I’m planning on having hookups but I’m gonna use protection for everything.


Idk my friend was texting like 10 girls at once everyday and maked out every week probably more lol Idk how he can let his emotions be all over the place, idk I guess its his personality. I left him bcz he had a drug addict friend who kept annoying me. I told him leave him and he doesn’t want to, so I left him and left all the fake friends I made on Abilify. Fake bcz Abilify changed my personality, made me impulsive and compulsive, had addictions and hypersexuality issues. Now I have no issues on Risperdal other than negative symptoms.

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Dating apps are a good way to meet people especially now…I think it’s hard to meet someone for something long term because a lot of people are just looking for something casual, some people have become really jaded and find it hard to trust others (like me… I’m super jaded), and some aren’t really sure what they want


I like bumble because they message you first other apps I get no reply

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To bad I can’t have any relationship.
I need to cope
I need copeing skills being single

I struggle with dating. Tinder glitches on my old phone and I don’t get a lot of matches. I match with people every once in a while on Tinder and OkCupid but they either live in a different in a country and are virtually traveling or I am not that interested.

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When I was really desperate I tried a couple times to hook up with rando girls on Craigslist lol, not worth it, tried pof once, I’m kind of old fashioned where I would rather meet a girl in person than digital tho. One day when I’ve lost all the med weight and med boobs I might have confidence to talk to a girl again.

Tinder isn’t really for finding relationships, it is more for hookups. I would suggest finding another service if you’re serious about finding a relationship.

I think most women like a humorous, confident and hard-working guy.

A chiseled jaw line and broad shoulders would also be a bonus. :wink:

I fill that bill…never had a problem with da ladies.

I know many people have success with online dating - but im not one of them. Some of the offline meetings in the past have been shocking to say the least

Ive got my men / woman simply by the old fashioned method of buying them a drink in the bar - and not getting too wasted, so you can maintain an intelligent conversation lol.

Its impossible for me to find a girl, because there were plenty of times that a girl on a first date would bring to the table about my hospitalizations at psychiatric wards out of nowhere. Apparantly girls like to message your friends or mutual friends to get info aboht you. I just dont feel comfortable about that.


When Yuu Meet a Girl/Woman in Your Fleeting Existence.

Be Yrself.

It is That Simple. If Yuu Are in The Existential Middle of The Thinking Mind. The Spiritual Woman Will Sea That. Most Individuals Do Not Feel The Need to Disturb The Peace.

Jus Be Yrself, And Be Outspoken.

Is She Wearing a Cool Shirt of a Band Yuu Love?. Say Something.

Is She Cute When She Laughs or Smiles, (Which Woman isn’t?), Say Something.

Are Yuu Nervous?. Say, Something That Unveils That Truth.

Are Yuu Confused?. Say Something.

99% of Women/Girls Are Very Sympathetic, With Deep, Inner, Beautiful Understanding.

Jus Speak. And Be Yrself.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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Don’t get a girlfriend just so you won’t be single.
Get a girlfriend because you meet a girl you want to be your girlfriend.

Girls smell desperation miles away.
Nobody wants to be someone’s last resort.

wow I am so sorry. you shouldn’t have to discuss that on a first date if you’re not ready. it’s just the first date and that is so invasive

It can take time to find a relationship

I haven’t had any luck with dating because my social skills are so bad, I’m quiet, and keep to myself most days. Im also so low energy I don’t want to go out and do things a lot. Most people don’t seem to get me or the way I talk for some reason. I tried online dating, but nothing has worked out. Now seems like a lot on dating apps are looking for hooks ups so I gave up. I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to really like me and look past me being quieter at times. I’m getting older, so don’t really have a lot of hope. The last guy I really liked strung me along when he didn’t feel the same instead of just telling me, so I am not really actively looking anymore