Everybodys having sex.... 😑

I feel like I’m missing out on this thing. Im in a bad place these days
What am I doing wrong, even tinder doesn’t help me

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Is it sexual intercourse you miss or the intimacy? A girlfriend could give you both.
Tinder is a superficial app, I wouldn’t expect to find a partner there.

Perhaps try to join some hobby groups and meet people that way?

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I wouldn’t even put a thought to it, tinder is a terrible way to get off IMO :sweat_smile:

Also it’s NNN

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I wouldn’t try to get a meaningful relationship on tinder. I don’t think it’s built that way. I’m so sorry you feel alone though. That has to hurt. I hope you can find someone who will love you unconditionally.

Some people are attractive and some are not.

Being attractive means having a series of characteristics, both physical and mental, that attract women. A normal healthy person will get to have sex in a pretty natural way, it just comes, not big struggle lol.

A mentally ill person would be the opposite.

You can still find the way tho so don’t give up.

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Not everyone lol.

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In in a relationship vand we dont have sex very often either shes tired or I’m not in the mood because of my medication side effects

Engaged, don’t have sex as often since getting meds that lower my sex drive. It’s hard, I have almost no drive

If you want to be sexually attractive, try washing your hair!



Olanzapine and cipralex significantly lower my sex drive.

Yeah im not really having much. I dont have much drive

What is your criteria? I bet there’s lots of people out there who would like to have sex with you. Are you just looking at very attractive ladies?

Yes lol…


lol tha made me lol out loud

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