Why I'm only responding to benzos?

I take only 3 meds

clozapine 200(antipsychotic)
paroxetine cr 37.5(ssri)
clobazam 20mg(benzo)

So If i stop my benzo, I cannot tolerate any SSRI. I mean if i just take single dose of any psychiatric meds I start crying. For example taking just single dose of lexapro, luvox, zoloft, prozac, viibryd, propranpolol, atenolol makes me cry.

But If i take above meds with my benzo(clobazam), I can tolerate them easily and there is no anxiety at all.

I think this is happening because of my ap clozapine which has anti-serotonin properties. What should i do ? I sleep like 12-15 hrs on clozapine. And due to my benzo I have severe memory problems like forgetfulness. I would like to stop my benzo because of adverse effects and get well on just SSRIs like lexapro or paxil.

Why do you want to change this combo if it works?

I sleep like 12-15 hrs. And due to my benzo I have severe memory problems like forgetfulness.

There is two kind of crying, one type is healing and the other type makes you void, if the bad one happens to you maybe you should lower or stop your ssri, and you won’t need benzodiazepines anymore,

I get anxiety attacks if i start a new med, and i cry for no reason. Paxil is the only ssri which i can tolerate without crying. But right now i can tolerate all of the meds because of my benzo

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If you want to change your benzodiazepines at any price, try lithium, it stops nerves from going too high which leads to crying, it also combines with clozapine very nice,

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My question is why do i need benzos to stop crying. Is my dx wrong. My dx is psychosis NOS, OCD. Could i be bipolar

Why cannot I just take lexapro/paxil to fix my anxiety without any benzos

I’ve been on a benzo for 5 years. I think it helps with my psychosis, that’s a side note

In regards to the crying, that’s all I did when I got prescribed invega until I was prescribed depakote

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Yes, I think my benzo is helping psychosis as well.

I was stable on clozapine 225, but after increasing my benzo dose, now I’m stable on only clozapine 200mg