Risperidone + clozapine Working. Thumbs up

It was stupid of me to post the following thread. Let me explain

Risperidone. Thumbs down. Started crying

I made a recent discovery. My anxiety is induced by clozapine due to anti-serotonin properties which only responded to high dose benzo(clobazam 20mg). So my crying last time has nothing to do with Risperidone, don’t let my old thread stop you from trying risperidone. My underlying anxiety was caused by clozapine which caused crying after taking risperidone 0.5mg last time.

So what I did this time is I increased my benzo clobazam to 20mg, from 5mg. After increasing my benzo, I tried risperidone 0.5mg again and this time I did not had anxiety attack, no crying etc. I was able to tolerate risperidone this time. Pdoc told me to slowly increase it to 2mg. There are wide variety of drugs which I took and cried on it due to underlying anxiety which I was not aware of. Now due to my benzo, I can tolerate any med i want except stimulants. Slowly decreasing my clozapine dose, will also help my anxiety/crying. After decreasing clozapine, I might be able to reduce my benzo as well

Its been 2 days on risperidone 0.5mg, all i feel right now is bit tiredness and sleepy.


Atleast I did not cried. If sleepiness/tiredness worsens, I might have to stop it.

But this combo might work for other people. This thread is for people who want to try this combo - you can go ahead and give it a try

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Being sleepy and tired does not seem to be a good reason to stop med.

Maybe I should drink coffee/tea 4-5 times a day to stop sleepinessl lol.

Or add abilify to decrease sleep

I cant take Modafinil - it makes me aggresive and paranoid