Why do I start crying after 1st dose of every SSRI except paroxetine?

I want to take SSRI but i get crying spells on them except Paroxetine. Only paroxetine is tolerable but it is not working for anxiety.

I want to take another SSRI but I’m fed up trying them as I start feeling like crying or sometimes I actually cry.

My pdoc theory is that I quit SSRI too soon for it to work. He told me to take low dose benzo along with SSRI. But i have to take really high benzo like clobazam 20mg for me to tolerate SSRI. But if i reduce my benzo i start crying again. And high dose benzo causes severe sedation.

I dont know what to do.

Do you cry all The time?
Maybe its just a side effect like with other meds.
Ive never cried on them.
Maybe take another class?