My benzo has f*cked my memory!

I take

clozapine 200mg
paroxetine cr 37.5mg
clobazam 10mg(benzo)

All other SSRI/SNRIs worsen my anxiety and panic attacks. My benzo helps me go places alone and doesnt cause panic attacks. But my memory is totally effected by this benzo, i cant even recall 50-70% of the stuff in my head. If i attend a college lecture, i wont be able to recall most of the stuff the professor said. I feel like i have dropped major IQ points on this benzo. I believe my anxiety is worsened by my AP(clozapine)

Have 3 options

  1. Take benzo and fix anxiety but get poor memory
  2. Don’t take benzo and have bad anxiety but good memory
  3. Hospitalize myself under supervision of a shrink and change all of my meds completely.
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Do you mean clonazepam? 10 mgs of clonazepam is a very high dose. Can you taper down on the dose? That might help your memory.

No. clozapine is an antipsychotic and clonazepam is a benzo. I dont take clonazepam

Yes. Benzos had the same effect on my memory. I use supplements now instead.