Why I'm looking for jobs

First of all, I need to finance myself. I’ll lose my income in a few years. If I can t work, I’ll have to depend on the government. It will probably happen. But I want to try while I still can.

Secondly, I have nothing to do if I don’t get a job. I want to keep myself busy every morning. It’s very hard making myself to work. But i want to make myself doing things instead of sitting there.

I think its too easy sitting there for hours doing nothing. I wish i could make myself work.

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Yes, those are valid reasons to look for job.

You are thinking the right way

Yes I think I know what you mean when you say you want to work. I went many years without working and finally got a job at a store about 5 years ago. I just feel better about myself when I’m working and it’s nice to have a few extra bucks. I took some classes in the mental health field including WRAP and Peer Employment Training through RI International among others. And amazingly enough I was hired recently to be a peer support specialist. I’m so excited to be not depending on that government check anymore. I do have some apprehension about whether I can handle the stress of a full time job. I think I can do it though. You might want to check into getting into peer support work. It’s a job where lived experience is an asset. And that’s the case for this one and only job I believe. Good luck!