Why I am like this?

Lately I realize I cannot appreciate the things that my family does for me. Whitout my family I will probably be dead but I cannot seem to give them the credit for helping me. I wish I had more gratitude towards them


I feel he same my parents help me so much I wish I could be nicer to them.

I feel so bad sometimes.

I’ve made a note of enjoying spending time with them


My father helps me also, but I don’t hang out with friends enough.

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That’s a good idea, I should give it a try.

I should be greatfull that my family does so much for me, but I take it all for granted unfortunately
I can’t seem to change that

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Play batman croc …!!!

Sometimes I am more nice to strangers then to my family

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U guys dont have negative symptoms…!!! Cognitive as well…!!! I am jealous f**k…!!!


dude, you cam marry, you can eat, and you can see nature and things. no hallucinations right?! im jealous.

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