Why do you think people develop sz

Maybe way more people than we think have sz but only some have it triggered for traumas or smoking too much weed. Ever since I can remember I’ve had peculiar behaviors but I was ok, the bad experiences and symptoms came when I moved to a bad environment. Had I never been at that bad environment I would have never developed sz? it’s possible.

I couldn’t help but laugh at this comment. You “almost” got me to spit coffee all over my monitor. I was totally not expecting that

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what does fapping mean?

its chronic masturbation.

Pixel caught SZ from wanking too much

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I was going to mention prenatal vitamin or nutrient deficiencies,probably iron or calcium or boron. combined with bad genes, environmental factors, and stress and for me…drug use which I highly regret to this very day


It’s code word for masturbation

There may be something to this, at least for some people.

This ancient virus was not found in all or even most addicts, it was still only in a small percentage. But it was more common in addicts than non addicts.

They also think viruses contribute to Alzheimer’s.

And, the antiviral drug used for herpes seems to help cognition in schizophrenia in people with HSV-1 so this is not an “out there” theory. But obviously it’s complicated and probably not the same for everyone.

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Partly environmental causes.

(Worked in an adult video store and got to take stuff home to watch free.)


I think its either a chemical imbalance, shattered ego, due to mental abuse,genetics, or something spiritual.


Delusional part of me wants to say we’re chosen by the gods for a special purpose.

The rational part of me says genetic precursors and stressors.

Hooray :grin: for schizophrenia!!!

You mean pollo loco (crazy chicken)

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I remember being a kid and saying to myself if I don’t make it to a certain place by a certain time that a ghost would haunt me forever. I said that in my head

I was under high stress mode when I had my first breakdown. But I felt gradual symptoms before. I didn’t know any family members from my father’s side. I think he was hiding evidence of the illness in his family. This may just be my paranoia.

Because whomever is the big cosmic cheese thinks this is a big cosmic joke

Genetics primary

Here is something that explains alot.

I think I was in a ■■■■■■ up situation that I couldn’t get out of and my mind broke

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