We still don't know what causes schizophrenia!

Research has not identified one single factor. It is thought that an interaction between genes and a range of environmental factors may cause schizophrenia.

Modern since has not found one single cause of schizophrenia. I wonder what the future might tell us?


Yea there is no one single cause but I read that the biggest part is genetics.


Who cares ?

Just learn how 2 manage it !



I thought it was caused by the norovirus ie contaminated food and water from poop I think…I got it through a dream and was told to invest in Vaxart because of it. I may be stupid or ahead of my time by 100+ years lol. I don’t know. Vaxart went up a lot.

There are lots of guesses but nobody knows for sure. I think it may depend on the individual how they got it. But I think the biggest factor is genes.


I think that they may find that there is more than one cause for schizophrenia(excluding the gene factor). They may find that both a virus in the womb and brain injuries both can cause sz for example.


I can’t think of one thing in my childhood that would have caused it. It must be mostly genetic. That’s if it’s not real. :rofl:


I feel like aliens or the elite gave me schizophrenia and maybe changed my genetics. Nobody in my family is more nuts or disabled or crazy and suffering as much as I am so far. That goes back to ‘adam and eve’ or the monkey as some say lol.

but I think I have schizophrenia in every life and I swear I was told it was the ‘norovirus’ and Vaxart will supposedly come out with a norovirus vaccine in my lifetime and help but not cure me. In my ‘dreams’ or ‘visitations’ or ‘OBE/Astral Projection’, I was told these things and it feels like the virus is embedded in my old DNA or something. Could be genetic or could be a further issue of ‘immune system issues’ too.

When I was a youngster in elementary school, I had a bad flu during camp and had to go home. Maybe it was the norovirus or maybe it’s my mom’s mono or a thousand different things. My dad swears it comes from her side of the family…

I think drugs like marijuana and lsd and trauma especially childhood trauma play a huge rule.

I had my schizophrenia cured almost or ‘lessened’ by ET in my past lives and still remember from the genetic engineering. They did all sorts of things on me to lessen the symptoms of insanity as well as to make me insane and stuff.

I don’t hallucinate at all, but got some quantum delusions going on.

Basically, I had my DNA checked and analyzed by some unknown entity or what not and found the virus in me. the norovirus. That and some chromosome abnormalities IIRC.

I sound nuts.I remember as a baby or young child playing in the dirt and playing with the dogs we had. Maybe I got some poop under my fingernails and got sick as a kid with the virus. I don’t know. I’ve had ET contact my whole life. Some people think aliens don’t exist and don’t like me talking about them, which is fine.

I had to head injury when I was a kid nothing serious but enough to make me feel dizzy and the first one I went sick. But I dont remember that one. I but strongly suspect that its probably something to do with creativity if you have a creative brain you are more likely to get it so its probably something to do with that. Like some people have sickle cell disease apparently relatives of people who have that disorder are more protected from malaria. So its probably a result of a brain that is too creative. And some schizophrenics do take illicit drugs and those drugs may open up pathways where there was never any pathways before so could make them schizophrenic but that could only be if you have a predisposition to it I.e you have a creative brain.


The way I heard it was - Genetics load the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.


Don’t forget emotional trauma. That plays a role.


Thats a nice analogy.
I’ve also heard that schizophrenics were always going to be schizophrenic, but that stressful environments manifest it quicker. But there probably would have been a different breaking point somewhere if not for that specific environment.

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Apparently having domineering fathers can cause schizophrenia.

Also getting your head caught round the ambilocal chord increases your chances by 5% which is quite significant.

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They say it cause by past trauma and abuse, by enivormental experience, also genetic thats what research says i don’t know to take it to heart, thats what read online. I really dont know what cause schizophrenia really. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thats quite painful…

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Our illness is a mystery

What causes normal person? If there is an answer to that then we may know the answer to this question too.

it wud be good to know the cause

but i think whats more important is do we have a treatment or cure for it

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Well most of the APs target dopamine, so dopamine levels would seem to be a large part of the problem. And your dopamine levels are probably controlled, in part, by your genetics.

But it is interesting that after all these years there is no blood test, DNA test or brain scan that can detect schizophrenia.

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I think I pissed off a wizard.