Why do so many delusions revolve around Religion

There seems to be a common thread to delusions that its usually about religion. I cant exactly figure out why. Is it because its not a delusion and it is real but we are tapped into something deeper, or is the delusion part of a deeper part of our sub conscious that seems to target our own fears. Why do so many delusions seem to be religious? Im curious if there is a rational answer…


it seems like the aim of psychosis is to stress us out and scare us as much as possible and hell just happens to be one of the scariest things,eternal suffering ,

I have decided to take it as a metaphorical, symbolic thing of life on earth instead. it is like a wake up call to me about me and how I am actually living in a hell of my own creation

I think it’s because sz questions your reality on a fundamental level. Often for people that is about religion.

It’s like that dire straits song line I love so much…" two people think they’re Jesus…one of them must be wrong ". I’ve met a lot of people, females included though rare, who have thought they were Jesus. I was one.

You can see why it’s so hard to allow religious discussion here. If someone isn’t too well it can spiral pretty quickly…


also another theory is that I have a very low self esteem and so thinking ur jesus or god is like protective way to feel like ur an awesome valuable person,but then the disease flips 180 into hell. so its a rollercoaster ride realy of different experiences

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I’ve only had it during psychosis, but, yeah, I guess it can be thought of as a delusion, but luckily, I was aware I was sick.

And the FBI and the CIA and aliens etc. It’s unexplainable, it’s just part of the disease. It is what it is.

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well, the history is everywhere on the FBI and CIA,

and I wouldn’t say Art Bell or George Noorey had a disease.

I was brought up in a religous setting since a boy. Not that the family were religious - but i sang in a choir for years. It was inevitable for me, that it would seep into my psychosis.

Yeah my voices say iam gonna get tortured after death by drowning and dogs iam a big dude so iam not really scared about some one messing with me. But not sure realy what to do if they could make me small or if they have demon strength

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I was one to thought I was jesus cuz of all the crazy stuff I was seeing and talking to


Theres a list that came from a hacker who hacked the army. The list contained information about officers that were extraterrestial. Queue xfiles theme… lol

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Turns out Gillian Anderson is a lesbian in real life.

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The xfiles were so awesome, it wouldnt change anything for me if she were an alien herself. The show still gives me that whoa feeling when im bored.

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My delusions revolve around religion, and I was not brought up religious and knew almost nothing about religion.

so many delusions around religion and we cant actually talk about religion, in my opinion having insight into your delusions is best, at least for me it is, separate what is fact from fiction.

I think that it could be fanaticism within the sufferer, as it’s a strange thing to happened to someone, and you are for ever trying to find the answer, it could be fueled by the misinformation campaigns within the Internet, this is a given thing!
Some people think God speeks to them, and thats their diesease, Also theses are strange times like the middle ages though digital.

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