Why do people care?

My problem is that people think they can read my thoughts or see them. I have someone putting not my thoughts or images. People think I am saying racist or perverted things but I am not plus someone is in my body. The person doing this to me does not make any sense. I used to be well liked and popular. But I haven’t been left alone for about 2 years. People commenting on everything they think I say or do. I am afraid of celebrities or people in high positions. They think I am thinking something but I am not. They want to kill me but why? I am not a spy, politician, or anyone that important but they say they are going to kill me and sadly my sister too. Moe why did you do this? Pamela why did you want me dead? God please help me. I just want a normal life.


@see121 Have you been taking your medication because what you are describing is paranoia.

Thoughts cannot be read between people. Those thoughts and images you have are due to the imbalance of biochemicals in the brain. Namely dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. You are well liked and popular. I’m sorry that you’ve been left alone for 2 years. The “commenting” or “voices” are symptoms of schizophrenia. You are right about the important part. We are mentally ill patients that have no significance in regards to the general population. Schizophrenics are known to be unemployed long-term, receiving government funds and at times homeless. No spy, politician or anyone famous would be in our position.

Schizophrenics can only lead a normal life by taking our medication and not informing “normal” people of our mental illness due to stigma.

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Hi @yinyang. I want to live a normal life. It matters so much. And a private one too. No one telling me that I am going to die or they want me dead. I think the latter because they think I said or thought something bad about them. It’s a cruel hoax.

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I too, would like to live a normal life but I have come to accept that keeping quite about my diagnosis to “normal people” and taking my medication was the only way for me to live a normal life. You will be alive and fine. Just live your life as is. As a schizophrenic, this website provides a lot of support. There is no hoax.


I get feelings in the back of my neck that no one wants me to kill. I live by this. It gets frustrating sometimes but that’s just because life is difficult anyway. No one said life is easy.


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