Do you care what others might think of you?

Would or do you really care?

No I don’t care what they think. I do get paranoid about possible enemies though.

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Ive reached a point here, where they can go suck eggs

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I still get paranoid about what people are thinking when they are looking at me.

@Edparry time heals you will feel well again, you are the boss of your mind

I’m def much better than I was. It’s just human interaction is tough. I get a lot of anxiety

Its really not good to care too much. Some people are very willing to critisize, even when you are struggling.

time heals brother, i was in a bad way 4 ten years

psychosis is a mystery for those who never had it

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I care! I get hyper focused on buses and maybe paranoid that people are talking about me or laughing about me. I have to listen to music with my headphones, If I see somebody laughing I think it’s about me.

I care zero when I’m in my room, but “they” force their goddamned messages into my head anyways.

10 good comments then 1 bad comment. The bad comment wins.


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