Why do I care so much about stigma?

Why do I care so much about stigma?

I realized that a lot of Koreans with schizophrenia don’t care so much about stigma.

Some Koreans with sz are like “I just think I just have a problem and that’s it.”

Why do I care so much?? It’s becoming a question now.

Maybe these other Koreans with schizophrenia don’t care much about what people think of them in general. It makes sense that if someone’s sense of self comes mainly from within, then having a mental illness like schizophrenia would only hurt if it hurts to know you have a problem.

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People are the way they are. As long as they’re not being violent about it, it shouldn’t matter. Just change your interpretation of it.

You shouldn’t care about the opinions of perfect strangers. If they talk strangely or ill to you you can just distance yourself from it emotionally and maybe say “that happened”. It’s like walking by some ugly graffiti. Just move on.

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Thank you. I’ll try not to care so much about other people’s opinions.

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Your country definitely has different societal pressures than others do. Wearing masks for health is commonly accepted where you live. There’s currently blowback about it where I live. I had to tell the person at the gas pump over from me to mind his own effing business when he started beaking off about “The Plandemic” this past weekend while I was filling my vehicle. I doubt people heckle each other for wearing masks in public in Korea.

Yeah, the mask is commonly accepted as a safety precaution here in SK.

I just realized that people are more worried about going into war with North Korea (they just bombed the communication centre in North Korea) than people being dangerous with sz.

So…it’s really the least of people’s worries. Also the government is turning into ■■■■ right now.

People are like “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” …so at this point no one cares about sz.

I learned i dont need to tell anyone. And it is better this way

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You care because your survival for a long time has depended on people being on your side, and with stigma, you probably feel like most people aren’t.
You’re a very empathetic person, but that empathy also makes you hyper sensitive to others.

Yes, I agree with you. My empathy makes me very hyper sensitive about others.

Stigma was never an issue for me. When my brothers make fun of my sz I tell them that their self-confidence is low bcz they have to attack a mentally ill person like me to feel better. This makes them stop it.

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