Why do i worry so much about what other people think of me?

Is it part of the schizophrenia bipolar ocd? I said this in another thread that somebody accused me of being a hoe bc i got out of my dads car. I really wish for voices to come back. At least they don’t accuse me of ■■■■. Something told me not to come to my moms house and i didn’t listen. So now im driving myself nuts worrying about strangers who dont even know me. I. Feel like stickinf a qtip into my brain.

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I think we judge ourselves so harshly… we try to look and present as in control.

The harder we grip that grain of sand… the faster it falls through our grasp.

I know it’s hard to ignore a slur like that… something like that would make me wonder for along time…

But maybe they were drunk… of just idiots who have no respect for females…

Either way… it’s their problem… not yours. I hope you can ignore the idiots and enjoy the time spent with your family.


Yeah thanks. I wish i would have stayed home. They are gonna n s me call no matter what i do so imgonna let it go.

Oh,I am like you too,I worry a lot,I want to help myself overcome this too…live and not worry about what others think…

when I was younger I don’t think I worried so much what other people think of me while I was in school, but now I worry all of the time, and I don’t really even see other people that often now.

SurrisedJ and Gtx said it. I worry about what others think of me as well. I think it is human to feel that way. It is possible as sufferers we react differently to how we worry and what we worry about. sea00115699 brings up another good point. I agree, in my youth I seemed to care less. Something I might add, try not to beat yourself up too much. Being treated differently tends to come often with knowledge of our diagnosis.

I feel like committing suicide because my dumb bf thinks we won’t get an apartment. He’s worried he won’t have any money o spend on himself. Should i tKe pills or sluce my wrist?

If you are seriously thinking about suicide or just need someone to talk to, I strongly suggest you reach out to a suicide support or emergency phone number. Here is the number to the United State’s National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1 (800) 273-8255

It takes strength to reach out for help when you feel need for it. Be strong, there are things you may yet discover that are worth living for. Even if things may seem bleak at the moment.

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Thanks. If it gets worse I’ll go to the hospital.

Very smart way of thinking. It is good to know there are tools and options available. Voluntary holds are a bit easier than involuntary holds, I have once have had to do so myself.

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This is a picture for you, sharonmarie…

Nothing rhymes with orange. In other words, everyone is special and unique. Just remember that in case you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself. :smile:

Here are a couple videos that I find funny…

If you grew up having played video games:

This one is shorter so it won’t take away too much of your time.

If you have ever liked football (soccer),

This one is definitely worth watching if you like football soccer

Yeah people can ■■■■ off. We’re all imperfect miscreants.

We have off the chart mentalistic cognition. Go google that.

Absolutely, everyone suffers in some way, not just schizophrenics. May it help lead to us as a people finding compassion for one another.

Excuse me, meant “not just PEOPLE who have schizophrenia”.