Why do people believe in the supernatural?

Religion, ghosts, interdimensional beings. I don’t believe in any of that ■■■■ anymore I hope I’m not alone.


You’re not alone. I don’t believe in any of that crap either.

I still drift side to side on what I believe.

ok religion i agree with you on 100 percent and as you know, i don’t believe in telepathy. ghosts however i do believe in, simply because i’ve had experience of them. not a whole lot but enough to make me wonder. not everyone that has a ghost experience is deluded or lying. the first night i moved into a new house about seven years ago, i saw a dense black shadow form in the shape of a man. it glided silently down the stairs, past the dining room and lounge to the front door where upon it rattled the security chain and then disappeared. where it went i have no idea. where it came from i have no idea, what it was, again, no idea. all i can say is, it looked like a man about 5 foot 10 in height and quite stocky. quite why it was all black, again i have no idea. maybe it was the ghost of a black man. simple explanation i know but it’s all i’ve got right now. it didn’t threaten or harm us in any way. whether it was sentient, i don’t know. all i know is, it knew it’s way round the house and it knew how to touch the security chain on the door. i know what i saw and i know it was real as i don’t visually hallucinate.
science has a theory on other dimensions. it’s called string theory. you should read up on it. again i have no knowledge of whether it’s real or not and nor does anyone else yet. it’s a theory. a unified theory of everything.
before you dismiss anything out of hand, read both arguments for and against your ideas. that’s what i do, as i can’t make a decision based on ignorance alone as that would make me an ignoramus.

my voices claim to be telepaths. the reason i don’t believe in that is simply because i’ve read arguments both for and against and came diwn firmly on the against side after much deliberation. i still read the pros and cons of the idea now as i’m always checking for any new developments that either support or neighsay my theory.

so before you make up your mind, do some reading. study, deliberate, cogutate and then have an informed opinion. it’s the only way i feel. much love. jayne xxx

I believe in the Great Unknown and generally leave it as that…the unknown…great…unknown. Yep I’ve had one or two experiences outside of Sz symptoms that say yes there is more but I find it ridiculous to go on to define the unknown as anything more than the Great Unknown.

I saw a ghost at the antiques mall with my mom. We both saw her, thought she worked there until she walked through the wall right beside us. So close we could have touched her!

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Because the supernatural is very real.

It has a perfectly good scientific explanation though, nothing “magical” about it really, perfectly explainable in everyway.

Even what they would have called a miracle has a scientific explanation.

“Ghosts” have scientific explanations.

Seeing the future is completely explanainable scientifically.

The supernatural is real but is not magical at all.

Probably just our unevolved minds. Screwed up from not understanding this quantum mechanics universe.

I believe in ghosts and the paranormal. Recently went on a ghost tour with a group and my fiancé had an EMF reader. To an old gaol which was built in the late 1880s and closed in 1966 but was open in 1974 as a museum. In the solitary confinement the EMF reader went off (no electronics were on), in one a room with items from the gallows such as rope, hoods and pin straps the EMF reader went over load.

Went out to the gallows (which are the original gallows which executed eight men) and got a reading there. It made me believe in the paranormal as we were outside no electricity anywhere to cause the EMF to go off.

I don’t know what happens after we die but it sure is interesting.

I also think the mind just can’t believe in nothing. It’s a foreign concept.

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It is a interesting question BryanAshley; in my case I try to be objective but sometimes I catch myself that I believe in magical thought; it is in a some way unconscious; for example, sometime ago, I thought that I could have a chance with Shania Twain and I believe that this was true. Nowadays, I accept (I am ashamed too) that I have had this kind of thoughts.

I believe in the supernatural because the supernatural believes in me.
Not my choice.
If you have any doubt about it being real, come stay in my house for a week.
You won’t be disappointed.

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I’d like to know what you are on my buddy.