After many years of this thing called schizophrenia i have concluded that ghosts are just plain (insert curse word here).

yep, lot of rubbish if you ask me, ghost stories play on the fears of innocent minds everywhere, needs to be put to bed

Other beings are not rubbish at all, there are other beings and they do come here.

And yes some of them are quite nasty.

Thats what happened to me. I was accosted in my mind by other beings.

we are all beings, human beings, and we all have different temperaments i think

Supernatural perceptions are their own category. Some are symptoms of distress, psychosis, or hallucinations. sometimes paranormal experiences will happen even without some kind of electrical synapse charge or meaningful spiritual message. They are not related and yet are, because as a human we are both mind body and spirit, depending on your belief in yourself. No one can tell you that you have no soul and that there’s no Heaven. But no one can confirm that you saw a ghost or what that ghost meant or consisted of. Because to be open to that phenomena is a certain quality or receptivity and it’s not always the best. If you are in a weak vulnerable state of mind, exploring alternative ways of looking at it would be better than dwelling on the fact that you think you saw a ghost or something and no one else believes you.

Recently I’ve made a lot of progress in certain areas of my spiritual life. I am gravitating more towards God and the spirit world, and angels. If, perhaps, the soul is in fact some sort of undying essence of an individual’s self and experiences, that’s beautiful. It makes sense to me, nature works that way. Evolution works that way. Survival works that way. Possibilities exist. It’s more about seeking out the possibilities than confirmation from others because ultimately your destiny is something deep personal and important but without guidance it’s much harder.

I have had odd experiences, and merely brushed them off. In studying a bit about string theory and quantum stuff, relativity, a lot of that cutting age science have my own breakthroughs embedded within them. One thought, is that everything possible happened on some level, but I’m not sure I fully believe that either. I explained chaos theory to a friend and she loved it.

Imagine a stack of cards and each card was a person in a different position or place, or an object in a different spot of time. Now take that stack of cards and put them side by side, or in random order. Humans see time in a linear perspective, however space is more like a vacuum with infinite strands of matter woven in different directions, and each impulse or action is just a tiny gap in space. Consciousness is also material, so thoughts do impact reality and our biological self, that’s why anxiety is so bad for people and obsessions. If you start to see life that way, it’s easier to cope too. Knowing that every thought and action does matter, does count, and adds up to who you are your soul’s purpose or life’s purpose and meaning. Every matter, speck or dot on this infinite web affects the other. We are not temporal machines. We live in an organic universe. While matter may wear and tear, there are constants–which endure.

To process it…sometimes I count to myself, or focus on a certain color than I think a thought, a positive thought, or something is revealed to me. Sometimes ghosts have messages, but they are not in control of you. You are independent, an individual person who wants to grasp something beyond logic. And you should read up on C.G.Jung he helped me relate a lot to what i experienced.

Ghosts are Plentiful at my house. So is stupid spook stuff- more than plentiful.
and just how am I going to get these sp00ks to knock it off?

I came into the tv room at 15 minutes past the hour, my husband had been in there watching TV for awhile.
I sit down, change the channel, and watch a show that just started.
My husband had a strange look on his face and said he had just watched this exact same show from the beginning at the top of the hour, as if the last 15minutes had been re-wound and started again from the beginning.
He watched the same 15 minutes a second time and asked why would that happen.
Stupid Sp00ks.