Why do pdocs always want to tinker around

They always want to add something or switch something Im worried if i ever need a new pdoc they will mess up my meds


I’ve been lucky and have two good ones. One here and one overseas when I lived in the US.

I’m a good patient. I know my stuff largely from what I’ve read here and I’m talkative and go into short sessions with an agenda. It’s worth your while to speak up if your worried but my docs don’t really question it. I’m pretty high functioning most times but I’ll ask if I need to go up and down on meds so it’s a bit of a group effort.

It depends on your function but some tinkering isn’t bad if you know your pdoc.


I feel the same. The pdoc came with a new ideea. Abilify injection. Not very happy about it since I have a feeling 400 is too strong for me.

@roguetwo what ap are you on? I am asking since you seem to get in a good shape and there’s no AP that would keep you motivated. Just wondering how you do it.

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I’m 53 and been on zyprexa for the better part of two decades.

It gets better as your older but you still have to work at it so you can do that now. Saying that…Simple things like exercise and diet are starting to be more prevalent in thinking as we move forward so you can still do simple things in your diet to move forward.

You still have to decide to do better. I did that years ago and it’s taken time but it gets easier and you end up where some simple work is that…it’s simple. You just keep on keeping on.

Start exercise. Keep regular. Start diet. Eat smart. It’s not hard even though its so hard to start. You just need to start.


Waw, tow decades on zyprexa. What dosage?
Looks like you managed well. You are such an exemple to follow.

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I’m older. I’m down to 7.5 mgs from about 10 or more. It’s gone down with time which isn’t surprising with time and sz. Still. Years ago I made some changes and started walking. Simple thing. Walk 10,000 steps a day and moved from there.

Yeah. I do well now but it’s been a course of well over 5 or so years. It’s been little gains but I’ve been consistent and I’ve worked bloody hard. It doesn’t just happen over night but it’s the long game.

You just have to have a goal and move towards that…

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Lots of people see the results and think it happend over night, but 5 years is a long long time. Here you are, being a positive exemple. Thanks for sharing part of your battle here.

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It usually ends in disaster. In the last 6 months my pdoc wanted to eliminate my benzo and AD. Both without tapering. Now we’re tapering the benzo and I’m staying on the AD. The reality of things also catches pdocs.


Sound good tappering benzo. I do not know how were able to study with benzo @Jonathan2

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