Why do many of us sleep in our clothes?

I’ve been guilty of sleeping in my street clothes or shirt and waking up the next day and wearing the same clothes I slept in.
Why is this commonly seen with psychotic/SZ patients?

I also tend to wear the same clothes over and over again.

This must be a schizo thing as well.

Why?…. Just wondering


I’m good at changing into new clothes if I’m going somewhere.

But I am guilty of wearing the clothes I wore that day to bed….


I hate sleeping in clothes, even a t-shirt. Only trunks is ok. Get so hot and dehydrated in clothes, I always undress.

I do wear some overgarments a lot before washing them though.


I guess I’ve gotten to where I don’t go anywhere so I don’t care. I usually shower at night put on comfy clothes, wear them to bed and often the next day.

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Sometimes i wear the same clothes for 2 or 3 days in a row, because i dont leave the house. We keep the a/c cold so I don’t really sweat. I dunno, maybe its gross, but im too lazy to change them every day.


I just don’t see the point of changing my clothes every day anymore.


I do it sometimes when I have to get up early and go somewhere and I know I won’t feel like getting dressed in the morning.


Ive been sleeping and wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks now


I have zero interest to buy clothes ,
I dont even remember what was the last cloth bought.


I’m the same as you, or, I do the same thing. For me it’s because I learned to do it by living homeless. Once I discovered that I could just do it, I think that I decided on some subconscious level that there was no reason to live by any other means.

I try to change clothes and shower regularly but I’m always drawn towards just wearing the same thing for a couple days at a time

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at my lowest in care for myself I never changed my clothes and only rag bathed for about two years…slept in overalls I would take to my mom’s and she would wash them. come a long, long way.

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I no longer sleep in my clothes except for my shirt, then I’ll usually wear my shirt the following day.

Because it’s bloody cold winter time.

And because I have had cockroach in bed with me.
With clothes they are less likely to touch me .
Had em on my face few times but thankfully i have a repellent now that seems to keep them away mostly.

Also because I can’t be bothered getting changed to pyjamas.:crazy_face:
Wear same clothes day n night unless I’m dressed up and only change underwear once a day.


I sleep in my day clothes because its difficult to take clothes on and off. I rarely change my clothing except underwear and t-shirt


I wear the same clothes for like a week, then I think to myself maybe I should change my clothes.


I stay permantly in pajama bottoms, execpt for the 5 mins down the corner shop lol.
So im always ready for bed. I change them every other day tho, after a bath.


Oh no.

I have to wear PJs.

Clean ones.

Every night.

The dirt and germs that get on your clothes during the day getting in your bed?

No, no, no.

I’m very, very weird about my sleeping space and cannot get in bed with my day clothes on.

At worst maybe wear the same PJs two nights in a row.

But I do tend to wear the same clothes about three days.

It doesn’t make sense to get another outfit dirty.

Not like I’m going to prom everyday,

Jeans and flannel are fine.


I used to always wear my clothes to bed. But nowadays, I hate it, but nightly I take my clothes off and put on a night gown and pj bottoms. I still wear the same clothes for three days at a time though until I take my next bath or shower. I bathe or shower about every 3 days.

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I struggle to shower and sleep in my clothes like it’s my job



Great comment.

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