How often do you change your clothes?

Daily/every other day/longer. In my case it’s ‘longer’ . Much of it has to do with motivation but some is to do with not wanting to use the washing machine too frequently. I have been this way since a bout of akathisia/heightened anxiety where i was fixated/obsessed about the washing machine and not being able to get and plumb in a new one , to the point i was washing clothes in the bath. I have a ritual of using the washer when i have 2 dirty t shirts , trousers etc and a few socks/underwear. The longer i wear my clothes the longer between washes.

Something tells me this may be abnormal behaviour . A sign of illness maybe?

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I find it depends on what type of work I am doing at the time I’m a go as far as changing clothes up to three times a day

hi firemonkey, i am constantly looking for clothes to buy that look nice and smart to wear and i think the more clothes i have the less washes i do, i will change every day sometimes twice a day and the washing piles up but i will sometimes wear the same t-shirt 2-3 times a week and i’ll wear my jeans for over a week before i wash them so mostly my washing is made up of underwear and socks, towels and when i have used a few t-shirts i will put the washing on,

i don’t like puting the washing on the clothes horse to dry tho i hate doing that, but i have more trouble doing other things like hoovering and washing the dishes, i haven’t got an iron bc i got one once and i never used it so i gave it to my sister,

the trouble with clothes these days is that they don’t stock a lot of xxl clothes in the shops so i might have to revert to buying them online which i don’t like doing bc i am scared i can’t send it back if it doesn’t fit and i won’t get my money back.

I change every day when it is this hot. But every 2-3 days when it’s cold. Longer when I get ill.

I shower and change every day. I’ll only change twice if I’m in my nice work clothes. I’ll put on “play clothes” as we called them when I was a kid.

I do laundry when I run out of pants. Recently I bought some maxi skirts to wear in the heat.

Getting a new washer can be a pain, but it will last longer if you use a full load each time. As motivation, you can do a scent check of your clothes to see if they still smell like your fabric softener (which I don’t use) or your detergent. If they don’t, it’s time to shower and change. To get your clothes smelling good use a cap and 1/3 of liquid detergent. None of this will hurt your washer. For mental maintenance, (this is my technique for obsessing about things) just halt your other thoughts with a summation of what you need to reprogram yourself to think: “washing and changing clothes will not hurt the washer, it will help me to recover.”

I change my clothing quite a lot. My sis does laundry all the time. Sometimes she’ll ask me for what I’m wearing at the time so she’ll have enough to do a full load.

I never know how to take that. I’m not sure if she’s trying to tell me I need to change more often, or if she has some OCD thing about laundry.

Twice daily I change my clothes, longer if I’m ill

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I’m getting the impression that the most important thing is to change underwear daily. Something i’m not good at.

I wear my socks and T-shirts once only, for pants I wear them for three to four times…

Me either. I ended up in emergency hooked up to IV tubes for not changing my underwear. Had a bad kidney+ UTI infection.

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once a week, i am thinking you guys are way too clean for me !?!
take care
p.s i 'm adding that my underwear is changed daily…i am feral …but not that feral.
take care


Underwear,socks and undershirts usually once a day, shirts when they get dirty, pants, shorts,skirts, well…when they look like they need it.
It was 102degrees out today, and our air conditioner doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure I changed my clothes 6 times today.

Sometimes I wear a shirt for about 15 minutes, before I swap it out for something more comfortable.
I’ve been known to change outfits hourly just because I don’t like the way it feels.

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I change my shirt, socks, and underwear daily. I change my shorts every three days.

When I change my clothes depends on the weather. Usually once everyday in summer and once every two days in spring and fall, once every three days in winter. but I change my underwear and socks daily no matter it is winter or summer.