Why do I have bad thoughts?

I get thoughts of insulting ppl who love me like my parents, brothers, etc I also get bad sex thoughts like @saynow had. Its ashaming. Without meds its worse as I do these thoughts which is dangerous sometimes. Why is schizophrenia that bad? Some say its evil.

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It’s not evil, it’s just brain inflammation. Hard to keep your mind quiet when so many parts of it are being stimulated at once. Feels evil if you don’t understand it.

Weird that I don’t have these thoughts on partial agonists like Abilify. I think its inappropriate emotions from dopamine imbalance in the brain. My pdr said negative symptoms are from low dopamine in certain parts of the brain and high dopamine in other parts.

Why it makes us do dangerous things then?

It is what it is @Aziz
As long as you continue with the meds you’ll be fine.

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i get bad anxiety,i wana keep moving.if i take my antisycotic i sleep all the time.im never gona win against this disease.maybe its akathisia.

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Because brain inflammation makes you angry too. It’s immensely stressful to your very core.

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maybe im getting brain inflammation from the meds.just a thought …

I didn’t have these thoughts on Abilify bcz Abilify normalizes dopamine instead of blocking it. Blocking it helps a bit but normalizing it is better for me as I have no symptoms.

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this website ls like a hospital.everyone loves medication here.

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Its bcz 90+% of schizophrenics need meds for life or they will get worse and psychosis again.

Yeah Abilify modulates dopamine but it made me super agitated and paranoid.
All the partial dopamine agonists do this to me.

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this website is run by nurses.here i said it,come at me now.lets go

I hope my suffering don’t go down the toilet and that Vraylar will fix my biggest problems…


It isn’t run by nurses. Yes, this site supports the use of medication. There is no need to put up a wall.

im incapacitated from these so called meds,cant move to get a job,cant masterbate,cant talk propley.cant play video games.im dead.im thinking of suicide.this is it for me.the end.

yeah thats what i mean its run by big pharma.

Why did they put you on meds? Did you have psychosis?

It isn’t the end. You must keep a grain of hope in your feelings that you can get better. You need to talk to someone. Can you call a crisis line? They can help.

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It isn’t. It is run by volunteers who have their own struggles in life.