Having bad thoughts

I have been diogonozed think this is intrusive thoughts they were telling me to do bad things not by voice but images, I told them to f off and they just laughed at me it makes you feel so bad, because they are not my thoughts, and i would not hurt anyone, i have a hot cup of tea and my urge is to thro the cup at someone or worse, is this what you have too

Wanting to lash out is a common feeling when people are hallucinating. I suggest you bring this up with your prescriber and work on getting this sorted out. Things can and do get better, promise.

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im very sorry that you have those intrusive thoughts.
4 as where they came from have a look here.


i gets thoughts like that but we all know that is the wrong thing to do, we have to be stronger than our voices, and we are , we have to win back our minds.
sorry you are going through this.
take care

Thankyou i get it alot when i am around people , i keep pushing to be around people then there is the energy zappers not good i appriciate your message Thanks

ok, that sounds ok,
i know you still love me :wink:

I have bad thoughts too. I take Geodon, but it doesn’t help. I try just to ignore them, or explore their meaning. Sometimes I have bad thoughts about people who have made me angry. I’ve never done anything violent, and I hope I never will.

I used to be on the brink of insane behavior every moment. I remember sitting in class and just wanting to scream and destroy the desk I was sitting in. Paranoid schizophrenia involves very elevated stress hormones, the brain is maladaptively making one hyper-vigilant and it makes one feel threatened and constantly in fight or flight mode. It is hard to live with.

I hope you continue to try meds and not give up on both psychological and psychiatric treatment. I have fully recovered but I need to take my meds religiously. It’s a better life now, I can and do do things that schizophrenia kept me from doing before.

Yesterday at the store, I was feeling impatient and a bit edgy - My father was in one of his arrogant moods - right there and then in front of the cocky cashier (male) I snapped at my dad, curses and all. This is unacceptable behaviour and not like me to do this. Im going to mention this to my psychiatrist, it could have been another Lamictal moment.

I get bad thoughts like that too. I fight them down. At home I can fight it down pretty easy because I know my sis isn’t trying to annoy me on purpose. Sometimes I have to tell her to go away. Then I feel bad for telling her to go away.

I killed a box crackers last week in the market. My sis was comparing cracker after cracker for calorie counting and gluten levels and vitamin additives and I just couldn’t take it anymore after cracker box 35. I ripped the crackers out of her hand, threw them on the ground and stomped them. Then I told her “No crackers for anyone!”

I felt really horrid after. I knew why she’s doing it… sneaky brain thinking. Her anorexia brain is trying to sneak in.

I did buy the box I stomped on. The clerk was very puzzled at the state of the box. She kept saying, “We can get you some that aren’t damaged. I’m sorry, I don’t know how that happened”

I’ve run out of thoughts !

Intrusive thoughts can be nasty. they are like voices but less prominent, nevertheless, still distressing. The worst ones I get are ones that suggest murder or death of my loved ones. Aarrgghh, awful, I 'd never want to do things like that! Thoughts straight from hell!

Well, no matter the influx of messages from wherever and whenever, you can never, ever find it acceptable to take your violence and aggression on those around you.
It just isn’t right.
No one deserves to be hurt, and yes, you are ultimately in control no matter what.
It is never acceptable to hurt those around you.

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I have bad thoughts that I feel can be broadcasted everywhere. There usually thoughts I don’t mean and what makes it worth i feel people can see them visually and hear them inside my mind. I was not like this before. It just started when my mind was being read. I’m not a racist, whore, or would hurt anyone. But other people might think otherwise. I hate especially that i see intrusive thoughts visually.

My bad thoughts tell me life is worthless and not enjoyable. I do my best to manage my illness but things are still harsh. My brain can’t seem to find a serene place. I just want to be aggressive and bust things. Not having enough money and not being able to become employed really hate it. I have few pleasures in my life. I’d like to spend quality time with family members but a voice is telling me not to. All work and no play and in the end your going to wish you had the time to spend with somebody. Then we die you only live once.

I see my self actually doing bad things as well a split second i thought i had there alot worst but just say the hot tea in my hand i want to throw it in there faces My god i felt i had actually done it i put the tea down and walk into another room i tell them to foff the thoughts they laugh at me i here them it makes me feel so bad and hurting people i would never hurt anyone, they really hurt me because makes me feel so bad, and the energy zapper jees they drain me and make me feel so bad 8 out of 10 they come near me to talk i just feel angry that they are doing this to me i dont show it tho but need to get away from them, Happens alot i try and stay away from people but do puch my self to see janies mum and family, they kinda adopted me as i dont have family i doo but left in 2005 disapered cause my Mum had passed away my brother sent me a emal on face book so kinda talking but i could not take the stress of seeing my family

I have these feelings all the time, but then again mine are genetic.