Why do I have bad thoughts?

You have ED? On Risperdal I need a big dose of porn for it to work. Frequency is less but not dead yet.

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This is the least of their worries.

no.mistake i took zyprexa first time and i got hooked.i didnt know ,doctor didnt tell me it was antisycotic.i just suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep.there was no internet in 2004 when i first took zyprexa.

They don’t prescribe antipsychotics for anxiety etc They prescribe benzodiazepines.

sorry i didnt know that.forgive me im having a bad day today.

cant play video games either.cant bloody sit down.whats ed?

Erectile Dysfunction.

You do need sleep. I suggest going to the pharmacy and getting melatonin and chamomile mixed with other herbs. They are all natural. Not drugs. When you can’t sleep it hurts your whole body.


god bless you brother.

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Hey it’s okay. You are fine. I have bad days too.

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I have a great joke my six year old made up

Knock knock
Whose there
Yourself who?
You don’t know yourself?

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i dont know my self.im lost.

lol. well that joke backfired.

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I was trying so hard. :flushed:

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Well the immediate question is why you are knocking on the door.

i like your joke but i dont like my self.

ah my anxiety,i cant breath.

That’s okay. There are things I don’t like about myself too. But sometimes you can change some of those feelings. You have a lot of self worth. You need to acknowledge it about yourself.

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i have this type of anxiety where i have to move all the time.and i cant work at the moment.because i know its just energy.