Why do i Hallucinate when

When I exert my body physically? for example a heavy weight lifting session… or a hours boxing workout… anyone?

I’ve no idea but maybe ask your doctor if they have a clue. Might be just from the stress that your mind relaxes or more bloodflow? I’d imagine increased bloodflow stimulates the old noggin. I’d be curious as I exercise a lot these days.


Yes, I experienced similar. I carry a >15l of water for two hours straight a few times a week, which is a heavy-enough weight for a wuss like me. When I start to get tired, I experience emotional instability, a degree of delusions, but not hallucinations.

This effect is similar, but not equal, to what I experience after eating food that is dangerous to me. I described this in details in one of the topics I created here, you can see it in my profile.

However, when I do push-ups, my hallucinations are actually reduced for the duration of the workout. It’s after I am done that something may or may not happen. Note that my workout is just <100 pushups a day lasting for around 50minutes. Therefore I might just not push myself enough to get my symptoms.

What I am guessing it is some kind hormonal malfunction. But frankly I have no idea why that happens or how to combat it.

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i feel good after a workout. i dont do excess thou. scientists discovered we have cannabioid receptors in our brain and they believe the activity in these receptors increase when we exercise. they believe that is the cause of the natural high. they used to think it was epinephrine. before i took meds i hallucinated a couple of times after heavy workouts.

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