Just venting my friends

I woke up after a 13 hour sleep, weird, as soon as I woke up my dream catcher started flying 10 inches from the middle of my room; back and forth it shook, I was in shock, ignored it. Went to make myself some pancakes, I kept hearing voices ranging from “I eat cockroaches everyday” to annoying monstrous noises, as I started waking up my appetite starting decreasing, I felt a dissociation from the world, I could not form a word or finish a sentence, it was distressing. I went to the gym worked out but by then I started hearing voices, having hallucinations mainly just short but kind of realistic hallucinations. My body was shaking my heart was pounding the whole gym was louder than normal my mannerism changed, I have thought people were having a rave in a secret base, I left now I’m home. Weird… I drank my medicine idk what it could be.

How often do these types of days occur? And have you spoken to a pdoc or therapist about them?

Pretty often to be honest.

When they happen, how easy is it for you to discern that they are hallucinations/delusions?

My hallucinations are very brief not long but they are easy to discern when I sit and think about what I just witnessed. I wouldn’t call them delusions just more like magical thinking.

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