Just trying to jot down a full blown hallucination/dissociation period for me. It’s still going on right now so I will add details later. All of a sudden I got flushed and really tired, like I was about to faint. My eyes got dry and warm like fuzzy material and I’m blinking rapidly. I feel like I’m separating for the world, my body is gone. I saw a child but I thought it was a naked wad and torso with crooked arms coming at me. I thought I was called down to the office so I checked both of them and I wasn’t called down. Before this started happening I started to get really into my art, which is what happens. I get overjoyed and I start speaking out loud to my voices, or speaking what they’re saying, or muttering a song to keep my brain in track. I probabaly looked weird, muttering and grunting, saying “no” in a soft voice. I eventually shut this down and it was just racing thoughts. Then after that the hallucinations started and my legs feel like they’re dripping, like someone splashed water in my pants. I kept seeing a yellow car driving past but it was just a child in a yellow jacket. My hearing is sensitive and I hear voices and sounds in the air

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Slurred speech, hard time talking. Delusion that I’m special and I’ll be rewarded if I speak what my voices say. Thinking that I’m a genius and others marvel me. Edit: I get really anxious and hyper focused and then my eyes close and I “fall asleep”, which is just me getting really exhausted and resting for a few seconds and then peeking back up

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i don’t know anything about my blackouts, just get mad, and then am back to myself.
my hallucinations blindside me. that is why i still answer sometimes. i don’t feel anything, just abbracadabra and it’s on.

the only times i’ve had visual hallucinations i was in extreme duress. mostly from the audible hallucinations and delusions.

it is good you are making notes of yours. are you aware a type of seizure, as well as some temporal lobe problems can cause hallucinations?

since your body is working up to, as well as reacting maybe you should get a uclear scan or something of your brain.
just in case.
i don’t mean to be alarming you just reminded me of a friend with seizures.

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Yeah I got an MRI a few days ago and I don’t have any issues like that

i feel for you. i know it can be intense.

in the beginning i was near terrified. i’m in my 50.s now and last year lost my mom, dad, and sister. 2 cancers, 1 alzheimers. and my cognition hasn’t quickened back. it does seem extreme stress can cause the psychotic episodes. :frowning:

i fear it is as the therapist told my children. my brain just might not be able to completely heal from it now. i know for my eye, corneal erosion, the doc said when i was younger my body was likely able to repair it each day. now that’s not the case.

anyway, i feel sort of sorry for us.


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I’m so sorry, that is so awful… I can’t even imagine, I’m so sorry… hang in there

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