Why do I care about about being friendly to this guy?

I mean it’s nice to get a greeting when I walk outside to my car. But in crazy, invasive land of the insane apartment building the guy is tuned in or listening to me in my apartment a lot of the time and playing on weaknesses it seems like and I can’t get no space or get mad without the guy squashing it. And they like to make their little sighs and noises, because they know how irratating it is. And I should be civil like everybody keeps saying?
I get treated like crap here by every neighbor.

You can’t let it get to you like that.
Neighbours make noise. With sz, it’s easy to let the paranoia fool you into thinking it’s got some correlation to your actions or is otherwise directed at you, but that’s not true.

My ex had neighbours who would clap or laugh at their tv. He insisted they only did it to provoke him when he made mistakes, even though they had no way of knowing when that was. He is sz.

You probably make some noises that disturb them as well, it’s the downside of living in an apartment building with thin walls.
You all just gotta remain friendly to each other and remember everyone has a right to exist.

It’s not directed at you. No one is so petty they spend their entire day listening to the neighbour and making random noises as all hours to piss them off.

I have a neighbour who vacuums at midnight, and another one who snores. But I know they don’t purposedly do it to disturb my sleep.


OK @Pikasaur, thanks, that’s very helpful. I grew up in an apartment and I should know better by now.
Ummm, could you write you’re exact post every day for the next ten years just to remind me? Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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This is where my social skills fall short, are you sincere or being sarcastic?

Neither. Irony maybe. I’m not insulting you, it’s just a joke.

Oh okay, haha, that one flew right over my head :sweat_smile:

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