Why do guys ignore me in real life?

Should I just ignore guys too?

Is the point of interaction with a guy that is not family is to just compete with him.

like best man wins?

I have a hard time understanding how to properly get along with guys not my brother.
Do I compete?
Do I look beta?
or do I completly ignore guys behaviors towards me and YOLO

and only pay attention to woman and any time a guy trys to talk to me or get my attention just ignore him or compete and show him he’s a beta and Im the alpha!?
with mind games

and words?

I’m totally lost bros.

I think you need to start thinking about who you are rather than what you should do…what do you stand for if anything? you are ignoring my posts…I think you’re a troll.


I know who I am I know where I want to go.
Guys are constantly impending me. In real life.
If its working out
Talking to woman in real life
or just shopping for groceries or getting things at the store
Guys are a constant impendiment to either throw me off my game or get me shook and make me feel less than.
So I want to really start tackling guys and why they act like they do around me to better understand how to handle men. Online and in real life.
like yeah I can play the ignore game
I can play the alpha vs beta game
I can show you I’m a better mate than you for yoru woman.
I can show you man things
all what the situation calls for and instinct.
If I can get my work out in I’ll be fat
if I can’t talk to woman I wont be happy
if I can’t get the stuff I need at the store I won’t eat

these three things guys are constantly bothering me.

I got harrased on twitter about guys
I ended up getting angry because I didn’t properly addresse the situaton and they kept harrassing me the same way I ended up getting my account banned over anger how they acted towards me.
I think I should stop ignoring behavior towards me an actually start paying attention because I can’t live life like this with guy impending my progress.

Get money get a career have woman and life life happily

yeah covid stopped that but Guys have constantly picked on me in grade school high school now I can defend myself and I need to get in the lab and see how to combat them because just like they get weapons against me I can point things at them to impede them from bothering me. too.
Ignoring a guy in certain situation actually empowers him over me even though Im not actually ignoring I’m just avoiding and some guys get off on that like Im an alpha and your beta kid.

@Juliesftw yep, mos def a troll…

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Hey big boiiiiiii

@jukebox stop calling people trolls when you don’t like their posts. This member is very obviously sick.


he sounds so stable to me, sorry I won’t do it again.

You really think his posts sound stable? I think you need to read closer. There’s nothing stable about thinking all men are out to get you or people pretending to be women online and taking your money.


I saw other members say the same thing…I just didn’t like it that he uses him mother for paying these women , men, whatever…I will be more careful from now on. you’re right.

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