Why bother?

People keep telling me I need to get better at speaking up and standing up for myself, but when I do, they get upset.

What’s the point in pushing me to be more independent, if that independence is consequently punished?

Why even bother trying to learn to take care of myself if nobody else is gonna?

I’m sorry, I’m just a bit upset.


Hey Nova, I’m sorry you’re upset. Whoever is putting you down needs to shut up. I’m sorry they’re treating you unkindly. Is it family putting you down?

No, it’s a friend.
He keeps telling me I need to let him know when I’m not okay with things and that I need to stand up for myself.
But when I do, he gets enraged.

He doesn’t sound like a very good friend of he’s treating you that way. :frowning: Have you talked to him about this? Or would he just get angry for you bringing it up?


He would just get angry.
He’s mad at me atm, so I don’t think I can talk to him.

Maybe let him cool down and then when he’s more calm bring it up to him and say that if he can’t respect you that you’ll have to keep your distance for a while? :slightly_frowning_face: Just my thoughts.

I’m sorry. I hope things work out for you.


I’m sorry you’re upset and going through a difficult time @Pikasaur.

Hopefully things will clear up soon, and your friend will see you for the good soul and person you are.

Take care. :v:


Is this the same friend you posted about the other day that wouldn’t give you your meds when you needed them? If so, i don’t know why you are still friends with him. He doesn’t sound like much of a friend at all.

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I must say, from listening to you talk about your friends.

They all seem like arsholes.

Sorry to be blunt but they are !!

I dont know why you even hang with them !!


Remember contention drives people away.

@anon39015889 Hence why i no longer have any Arseholes the lot of them!

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I don’t understand what that means

It means arguments can separate people.

Speaking up for yourself shouldn’t cause contention.


Unfortunately it happens a lot, I’ve had happened to me a lot

I know. Just know that you have self worth no matter what anyone says. Speak up for yourself even if no one is listening!


It’s just so hard when my every attempt backlashes, you know?
Even when I try to be nice and polite about it, it’s like I’ve given people so much wiggle room that they get upset when they see me taking some of it away.

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Yes I know the feeling. Try not to let it get to you even though that’s easier said than done. Just know in your heart that you did the right thing and you have so much self-worth even if no one is treating you like you do.

Could be that he’s upset that his/her advise turned against him/her. Always tough when you give someone advice and it backfires

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