Ignoring People

Do you guys every ignore people trying to get you to hang out with them. I feel kinda bad, but I’m too anxious.

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Yeah I’m the same way. I’m too anxious to hang out. I am scared of people too.


Yeah I think I need Klonopin or something, but my doctor wont gimme it.

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Do you guys every ignore people trying to get you to hang out with them

i used to get a lot of that when I frequented bad websites. but ever since I stopped frequenting them, I’ve been getting less of it.

Lol I mean real people though.

lol. I can’t really help you out there, bro. I don’t go outside much, and so I rarely have real-life people bothering me. but if real-life people were to bother me, I usually tell a real-life authority like the police.

if it’s happening at work, tell your boss. i’m quite sure that you could be experiencing harassment. I’m quite familiar with harassers. and losing your job under such an atmosphere is definitely unfair.

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Oh I’m not talking about people bothering you, I mean friends you’ve had since before you went downhill that want to see you.

doesn’t really matter if he’s a friend or not: if a man’s trying to make you do something that you don’t want to do, then he is a harasser.

if you’re ignoring someone, then that’s usually a sign of a harasser.

Haha I dunno it’s not their fault, I just don’t wanna see them.

tell an authority. maybe tell their parents or relatives that they’re harassing you.

i feel like I’m in a 7cups conversation. lol lol lol lol lol

Lol no it’s not like that, but thanks.

okay, whatever you say bud.

but usually real-life people don’t harass other real-life people out of the blue. there’s usually an underlying reason.

and regardless of the underlying reason, telling an authority usually resolves the matter.

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No, SirBoring I don’t mean they are harassing me, I mean they won’t to see me, they are my friends. I have social anxiety I get anxious around people.

well, we are going in circles.

try telling your doctor about this.
it might make a good conversation, mate.

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Haha okay.


Yes, it’s how I lost most of the friends I had left. I’m allergic to talking to and seeing people. I see that I should answer them but when it comes down to it just can’t. I’m glad I still have one or two friends I like to see. But I wish I had more normal social desires.

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I’m very lonely though. I don’t realize it most of the time. I used to have friends and fun.

I’m lonely too, this forum helps a lot.

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I’m often lonely in a room full of people. They cannot grasp what is going on in my head. I’m also fighting with delusions that they all somehow hate me but are faking it

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Yeah I get that too.