Can you stick up for yourself?

Do you feel you can stick up for yourself, if you are being criticized or teased? I feel like I’ve lost my ability to do this – I used to be able to tease back, or throw back insults in a playful way. But now when I get teased or criticized, I kinda just draw inward and get quiet. Makes me feel bad that I don’t have the ability to defend myself anymore


No. I’m a push over.


“push over” is the phrase I was trying to think of. Yeah, I’m a total push over too

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Yeah I don’t know what to suggest. People just take advantage and boss people about.

Nope, cant. Or - only with people close to me.

No, not anymore.

It makes me feel both vulnerable and pathetic.

Sometimes I can but usually takes it takes a lot before I do.
I’ve cut out a lot of negative people.
Thankfully my family don’t give me reason to stick up for myself.

I like to think it matters what they say. If good then I can take correction and if bad then I’m a push over. I don’t argue but I take it with a grain of salt if I want. I don’t get too much correction or a hard time. I can kid if kidded or laugh about something. In my head I fight fire with fire but in reality I avoid confrontation. And I keep my anger to myself and often turn it against myself. But I like that battleground better. Just me. No one to blow up at or hurt. Which my anger always does.

This is what schiz does to people. Too warm down to stick up for themselves.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Warn not warm*****

Being to sensitive or overtly self defensive is something that one who hallucinates should be wary of.

I can easily become a telling sign of psychosis… especially when people know your condition.

I mean it’s hard to tell whats real…

Witty people are a lot of work for me. I just don’t have the energy to keep up with banter so I just let stuff go.

You know turn the other cheek thing.


No :cry:

It sucks!

I used to at least try when I was bullied it’s just that nothing helped.
They did it with hate.
I later met friends who called me ugly but they said it with love so it was ok.i knew they loved me.

Last time I could not stick up for myself was at the gp .
My new gp I felt does not like me and looks at me like I’m worthless trash .

I have symptoms of pain and discomfort and the gp took a test three times knowing I’ve had cancer before and should immediately have other tests done she just drew things out and when I asked her about the other tests she pretty much told me to wait and what she did was not right nor ok but I was unable to stand up for myself and my right to be taken seriously and have tests done.

Thankfully another gp helped me.

The gp that detected the cancer years ago sent me for ultrasound the very same day and by doing so saved my life.she didn’t do a ruin test three times testing for infection taking over a week or two drawing out time…

Anyway unfortunately I suck at defending myself.

I don’t want to be everyone’s bi tch.

One reason I have difficulties sticking up for myself is my disability and that I can get symptoms and my brain feels really fragile and damaged or disabled or something and need of constant comfort.

I would love for people to not get away with being bad to me and for me to be able to defend myself.

I’m not going back to that gp though.


This is what I do at work. Instead of coming across as dumb or ignorant, I just stay quiet. My coworkers probably think I’m weird, but they don’t even know the half of it :upside_down_face:

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