When to speak up?

When someone treats you unfairly or with injustice, when is it alright to speak up?

I have a friend who keeps doing the same thing to me over and over, and I keep sending him texts that it’s not alright, to which he responds with anger and we go a few days without speaking.

I feel like it should be alright for me to let him know I don’t like the way I’m being treated.

How much does it usually take for you to speak up? And how would you do it?


Usually i defend myself, i dont attack back if it makes sense

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If what they do is unacceptable and when you tell them they can’t see that, seriously consider whether someone with that mindset should still be your friend.

Says the hypocrite xD easier said than done I know

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You should be specific with what the person is doing. Would help a lot judging what the right reaction is.

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Sometimes I worry that my perspective is off, so I usually (always) wait before I say anything. Often, a situation will mend itself, but even if it doesn’t, time just passes.
If there’s a situation for you that you feel needs fixing in your friendship with someone then you have every right to say something. Anyone who reacts in anger to a friend expressing their hurt is not a friend. This person has an abusive cycle with you. I would at least take a break from this person, or just end the friendship if it bothers you enough.
I drop people who aren’t really my friends. My life is complicated enough without added drama from someone who can’t handle themselves.

He keeps asking me to leave because he’s annoyed by me making mistakes, but when I try to tell him I just sometimes make mistakes and can’t control it, he gets even angrier and tells me to stop using bad excuses.

I really feel like the more I try not to make mistakes, the more nervous I get and I end up making more.

I ende dup sending a text explaining how I felt and asking if we could talk it out.
All I got for a reply was that I’d broken our agreement that I’d stay there for the night (since I chose to leave before I got thrown out as he’d already threatened with it), and that he’ll put me on ice for a while since he can’t take any more broken promises from me.

Again I’m the bad guy. I don’t know why I bother.

Your friend doesn’t seem Orthodox :smile: if he wants to put you on ice :smile: sorry but something is wrong with him. Just for some mistakes… You are human not robot.

Who is this guy that he is concerned about your mistakes? I’m angry reading this, you dont have to please him and he is not a real friend.

Sorry if that comes out as harsh, but it’s not healthy to be worried about pleasing other people.

Id tell him to hit the road and dont look back. Nobody needs people like that in their life.

This guy doesn’t sound like much of a friend. Are you sure you want him in your life? If he’s getting all bent out of shape over you making a little mistake then what is the point?

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