Why are we attracted to what?

Recently I’ve been pondering what my “type” in women really is and I concluded I had no type when it came to physical appearance and more so it’s personality and the vibe they give and energy and stuff. Well maybe there is some physical stuff going on too. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence this girl I’m talking to on a friends website is similar to my self in a lot of ways.

Well, I’ve heard a lot “men go after their self or their mother”. My mother??? No thanks!! Had enough of her I don’t need another. Lol same could be said for myself…but at least it’d be the female version of myself. You can’t have the female version of my mom cuz she’s already a female.

But man, this girl. Well I don’t know her much yet but it didn’t instantly hit me this lust. It wasn’t till she responded because I never expect women to respond on dating sites.

But this girl seems like a late bloomer, yet she’s cute as hell, really friendly and nice and understanding and stuff, brown hair. Smaller in size. Humble.

I’m hoping she’s the real deal on herself but.

I understand why a lot of people chase matches similar to themselves. It’s not as much about race/heritage or looks or money but values and personality and some lifestyle traits.

We wanna have someone to be on the same page with.

It may or may not be a coincidence this girl reminds me kind of like a really feminine and sexy looking version of myself

I’m not gonna get my hopes up cuz when I asked what she was looking for she said just someone to chat with online. But I’m not gonna count her out because I kind of liked when she said she wants to get to know me online first…

It probably won’t work cuz it almost seemed too good to be true but I’m enjoying getting to know her regardless.


Women with curly hair all the way lol

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It probably won’t work cuz it almost seemed too good to be true but I’m enjoying getting to know her regardless.

You never know, sometimes things get more clear with time and maybe u are lucky, don’t loose hope just because it seems to good to be true :wink:

What I’m attracted? To boobies! Why? Cuz I have an erotomania with a girl with boobies! :sob:
When it comes to her personality being sweet is enough :neutral_face:

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Haha I would never think that, although I do like curly hair on girls. I also like glasses on girls!! For the record. However this girl doesn’t have glasses on and she has straight and real pretty brown hair. She has brown eyes that are real nice too… she looks like she may be Italian and or Jewish but I may be wrong. Well she has an Italian name but she looks more something else.

And she’s 26 years old which is really the perfect :ok_hand: age difference for me.

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