Why are there only commercials for bipolar and not Schizophrenia?

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I always wondered why there are only commercials for anti-psychotics like Abilify for added on medication for Depression, Latuda for Bipolar, and Seroquel for Bipolar (in magazines). Are they afraid of saying Schizophrenia is a treatable disease and were not just psychotic killers or criminals?’



Good question. Schizophrenia sneaked up on me. If only there had been more information about it I might have some chance at catching it before it became full blown psychotic break with permanent residual insanities. Perhaps its just that not many people are schizophrenic so there is no market to advertise to or schizophrenia is a dark reality they would rather hide from the public. I think people can live with bipolar without meds, but schizophrenics end up in the hospital or jail or worse. Maybe they don’t need to advertise to schizophrenics in the first place. Lastly maybe its because their medications for schizophrenia are all garbage and dont provide consistent results or reduction in symptoms and they don’t have the balls to market a product that works so poorly, they just wait until we have to have it.

I have both schizophrenia and bipolar. These meds - antipsychotics are originally approved for schizophrenia then they are usually approved for bipolar mania and then as an add on medication to antidepressants for depression or for bipolar depression like Latuda. Pharmaceutical companies are thinking of profits, and because there are more people with bipolar and depression, they target this population first, its more potential profits for them.
But I get upset when they do not include schizophrenia in these commercials, and advertisement. I imagine that stigma has a lot to do with this as well. But in all honesty, Abilify which I was on for years makes a better bipolar drug than a schizophrenia drug


I sometimes think the same thing. Even seeing bipolar and depression commercials are relatively new. Hopefully within a short period of time sz will be out of the closet like bipolar etc.


Because most of us are not med compliant. They want to broaden their market for more profits.
Can you image the commercials it would take to persuade a SZ to ask a pdoc to give the pharmaceutical company’s product a try?
Heheheheh the wheels are turning…


Because schizophrenia is a scary word! that’s why i think. they are not wanting to put out in the public airwaves that a lot of people might have SZ or SZA, and by advertising on TV you know there has to be a large customer base they are trying to reach…the media would rather just keep mention of SZ and other psychosis to the news when someone shoots up a school or goes crazy, making it look bad and stigmatizing…they don’t want people to know most SZ are not like that and are found everywhere in society…

my opinion of the matter.


Because schizophrenia still belongs in the closet.

I still think we should call sz by another name.
Any ideas?

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Spirituality Sensitivity Disorder :smiley:


i keep seeing the risperdal lawsuit commercial for kids that grow man boobs from that med lol


‘Its everyone else that’s crazy’ disease?

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Thought Disorder…


Indigo…there already is a name

I was just a tree-climbing, play by myself most of the time child.

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Schizophrenia is too taboo to be on TV. Too obscure and scary. They want to act like no one has it. They don’t want to scare anyone.

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Urban Dictionary often has some strange and even lewd definitions, while others are funny and accurate…it has this to say about Schizophrenic…these are just some peoples ideas of what it means…

“n. 1. From the Latin for “broken mind”, someone whose mind is permanently blown”

“a person with two different souls stuck inside of them with two totally different personalities
if you are schizophrenic, one minute you’ll be happy and smiling, then the next minute, you’ll be in tears”

I like this one though…

“a serious mental illness. a valid point. however, it is becoming clear that some instances of schizophrenia can be explained as the perfectly natural response of a sensitive, open-minded, deep-thinking, intelligent human being to being surrounded by braindead idiots in a society that wants you to be a braindead idiot, and punishes you for thinking for yourself.”

Me too, only add spend every waking hour waiting to discover what mean things my brothers had done to me.

Probably the company doesn’t think it’s good to associate with the people they are giving meds to. Bad press maybe. The stigma.

Another thing they subtly do is mention “abnormal movements of the tongue, neck, face or lips,” or in other words, tardive dyskinesia. They also allude to Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome by warning of a sudden high fever and rigidity. If they were as open about these side effects as Viagra is about nitrates and chest pain, no one would take these new shitty drugs that are made overseas. We don’t even make our own drugs half the time anymore. Abilify comes from Japan, and Latuda comes from Germany (pretty sure, but I know it’s some European country).

To keep people in fear.