A commercial for sz

I’ve seen commercials for bipolar in the vraylar commercial, if there were to be a commercial demonstrating sz what should be in it?
Here is the vraylar commercial


Thanks for posting that, but it doesn’t show what sz is like, it just shows people being happy, should there be a commercial showing psychosis? Pacing? Voices? Paranoia? Weight gain? Maybe a real commercial can help beat stigma

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Same, there seems to be a change with the American Rx advertising, and openness of the illness.

Even seen commercials for TD meds that specifically mention the illness.

I’m happy to see it more showcased.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial on TV that specifically mentions Sz. So they must be kind of rare. Granted, I don’t watch that much TV.


Thanks for posting that, I don’t think in us there’s any commercials like that, I haven’t seen one yet anyway

I haven’t seen commercials about just schizophrenia, but I have seen commercials for medication to treat schizophrenia.

They run the caplyta ad on Pluto streaming.

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